40 Countries to Add to Your Bucket List

40 Countries to Add to Your Bucket List

The world is a magical place. There are so many amazing places to travel to that it was hard to narrow down the list to 40 countries. Below are 40 countries to add to your bucket list.

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40 Countries to Add to Your Bucket List:

#1- Budapest, Hungary-

sky landmark lights night
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is situated along the Danube River. Budapest is known for its soothing thermal springs and architecture.

#2- Vienna, Austria-

town of hallstatt
Photo by Krzysztof Biernat on Pexels.com

Austria is a mountainous country near Switzerland. Vienna, the capital of Austria, is most known for being the hub of classical music. Beethoven and Mozart were from Vienna.

  • Listen to Classical Music in Vienna
  • Explore Hofburg Palace and Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna
  • Day Trip to Hallstatt, Austria
  • Top 10 Things to Do in Vienna

#3- Prague, Czech Republic-

woman wearing black shirt
Photo by Nicolas on Pexels.com

Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, is most known for its cultural life. The best things to do are to visit Prague Castle, stroll along Charles Bridge, and recharge at a traditional coffeehouse. Don’t forget to ride the funicular to Petřín.

#4- Germany-

white and brown concrete building
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

Germany is known for the infamous Oktoberfest event, festive Christmas markets, and stunning castles to visit. The best places in Germany are Berlin, Munich, Cologne, and Frankfurt.

#5-Amsterdam, Netherlands-

three bicycle upright parked on bridge
Photo by Liam Gant on Pexels.com

Amsterdam has over 1,200 bridges and canals. The best place to visit is along Dam Square, Amsterdam’s central square featuring the incredible Royal Palace.

#6: Belgium, Brussels-

landscape photography of high rise building
Photo by Petar Starčević on Pexels.com

Brussels lies in the north-central part of Belgium. Brussels is known for its chocolate and beer. You have to bring home chocolate to your loved ones from the airport if you are ever in Brussels, in that it tastes super delicious. 

#7: Morocco-

residential building in blue city
Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata on Pexels.com

Chefchaouen is a city in northwest Morocco surrounded by the Rif Mountains. It’s famous for its blue-washed buildings in the old town. 

  • Explore Chefchauoen
  • Sahara Desert

#8: Iceland-

blue and green sky and mountain
Photo by Benjamin Suter on Pexels.com

Iceland is a Nordic Island in the North Atlantic Ocean. The landscape is incredible because you will see glaciers, black sand beaches, hot springs, volcanos, and waterfalls!

#9: Australia-

shallow focus photo of kangaroo
Photo by Ethan Brooke on Pexels.com

Australia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, where you will see kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, and quokkos! Australia has beautiful landscapes, from pink sand beaches to Uluru red rocks.

#10- New Zealand-

brown and orange house with outdoor plants
Photo by Bence Kondor on Pexels.com

New Zealand is one of the best places to partake in adventures for the adrenaline-seeker, like bungee jumping! You can hike an active volcano or along glaciers in New Zealand. The nature in New Zealand is beautiful.

  • Hike an Active Volcano at Tongariro National Park
  • Wanaka’s Blue Pools
  • Stay in the Hobbit Huts
  • Lake Tekapo
  • Visit the Glowworm Caves

#11- Colombia –

women on street in colombia
Photo by Nick Wehrli on Pexels.com

Colombia has the planet’s highest biodiversity, coastlines on the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, and the world’s largest rainforest!


building with tree
Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

Cambodia, in Southeast Asia, is famous for its beautiful beaches, delicious food, and capital city of Phnom Penh. Angkor Wat temple complex is a MUST-SEE if you are ever in Cambodia. The Khmer people have a rich history and culture. You can learn more about the locals while exploring the ancient ruins on a tour!

  • Angor Wat
  • Swim at the Beautiful Beaches
  • Explore Phnom Penh Capital City

#13- Japan-

close up of red wooden temple
Photo by Charles Postiaux on Pexels.com

Japan is a unique place to visit thanks to its fascinating culture and traditions. You have to tour the temples, castles, and shrines.

  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Mount Fuji
  • Kyoto
  • Visit the Sagano Bamboo Forest in Japan
  • Tokyo

#14- Thailand-

wat phra that doi suthep temple in thailand
Photo by Alberto Capparelli on Pexels.com

Thailand has stunning tropical beaches to relax at, islands to explore, and historical sites to see. Thailand is one of the world’s favorite travel destinations, as it has a tropical climate. All year round is a pleasant time to visit. 

#15- Egypt-

gray pyramid on dessert under blue sky
Photo by David McEachan on Pexels.com

Ancient Egypt has one of the longest histories of any country in the world. It used to be ruled by pharaohs. Egypt is a Mediterranean country bordered by Israel and the Gaza strip. The best things to do in Egypt are to visit the Pyramids of Giza and go snorkeling in the Red Sea.

#16- Argentina

waterfalls under cloudy sky
Photo by Diego Rezende on Pexels.com

Argentina is most famous for being home to Iguazu Falls. The country has vibrant cities and must-see natural attractions. Iguazu Falls stretches for 2 miles. Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is the main attraction, as you will find art galleries, opera performances, and 5-star restaurants. You can even take a tango class to learn about their culture. 

  • Buenos Aires
  • Iguazu Falls
  • Try Wine in Mendoza
  • Laguna de Los Tres

#17- Estonia

photo of castle exterior
Photo by Hert Niks on Pexels.com

Estonia has more than 2,000 islands to travel to, five national parks, and charming cities to admire. The best city to visit is the Capital, Tallinn. Tallinn is a beautiful medieval city to explore!

  • Tallinn Town Hall
  • Learn About the Charming History
  • White Sandy Beaches of Parnu

#18- Copenhagen, Denmark

architecture boats buildings canal
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. You can explore the canals, the Royal Palace, the National Museum of Denmark, Rosenburg Castle, and have fun at the Tivoli Gardens. 

  • Canal Tour
  • Explore the Palaces

#19- Stockholm, Sweden

photo of reindeer in the snow
Photo by Annika Thierfeld on Pexels.com

Stockholm is the beautiful capital city of Sweden. It is most known for having 14 islands and more than 50 bridges. You can take a ferry between the islands. Don’t forget to visit the old town of Stockholm, the Nobel Prize museum, and the Royal Palace. You can see reindeer in Stockholm on a safari tour in the winter. 

  • Old Town Tower
  • Nobel Prize Museum
  • The Royal Apartments
  • Storkyrkan Church

#20- South Korea

landscape photography of the gyeongbokgung palace
Photo by Vishnu Murali on Pexels.com

South Korea has Buddhist temples to explore, a fascinating culture to learn about, and incredible food to indulge in. Seoul is the capital city of South Korea.  

  • Seoul’s Royal Palaces
  • Dress up in hanbok
  • Visit the most famous border in the world

#21- Vietnam

aerial view of the ha long bay in vietnam
Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels.com

Vietnam has incredible landscapes, from Ha Long Bay to Mai Chau. The best things to do in Vietnam are to light a lantern in Hoi An, cruise the Mekong Delta, see a cave at Phong Nha National Park, and explore the rice fields. The local food in Vietnam is delicious!!! The Ban Gioc Waterfall should be at the top of your Vietnam bucket list.

  • Ha Long Bay
  • Rice Fields
  • Light a Lantern in Hoi An
  • Largest Cave at Phong Nha National Park
  • History at Ho Chi Minh City
  • Go to Church Vietnamese Style
  • Cat Tien National Park
  • Ban Gioc Waterfall
  • Golden Hands Bridge in Da Nang

#22- Kenya

person feeding giraffe
Photo by Git Stephen Gitau on Pexels.com

Kenya in East Africa is known for being home to the infamous Giraffe Manor, where you can feed giraffes from your hotel. The best beach to visit in Kenya is Diani Beach. 

  • Giraffe Manor
  • Explore the National Parks
  • Diani Beach

#23- Singapore

green leafed plants inside greenhouse
Photo by Palu Malerba on Pexels.com

Singapore, located in Southeast Asia, has a tropical climate. You have to visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Gardens by the Bay.

  • Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay
  • Botanic Gardens

#24- Malaysia

colorful stairs of batu caves
Photo by Akhir Roslan on Pexels.com

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian Country that has 13 states. Malaysia has incredible wildlife to see, beautiful scenery to visit, a fascinating culture to learn about, and cultural festivals to attend. The capital is Kuala Lumpur.

#25- Chile

stonehenge united kingdom
Photo by Osvaldo Castillo on Pexels.com

Chile is in South America. The warmest time to visit is between November and February. The best things to do are to explore Torress del Paine National Park and see the marble caves. 

  • Torress del Paine National Park
  • Visit the Easter Island Statues in Chile
  • Marble Caves

#26- China

great wall of china
Photo by Paulo Marcelo Martins on Pexels.com

China is the most populous country in the world as it is home to almost one-fifth of the world population at 1.3 billion people. There is so much to explore, from incredible architecture to ancient traditions. The highest mountain on the border with China is Mount Everest and longest river is the Yangtze River. Beijing is the capital.

  • Explore Shanghai and Beijing
  • Walk the Great Wall of China
  • Take the Walk of Faith and Heaven’s Gate at Tianmen Mountain
  •  Zhangjiajie National Park
  • 25 Things to Do in China

#27- Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

orange iguana standing on rocks
Photo by Simon Berger on Pexels.com

Galapagos Islands are a part of the country of Ecuador. They are situated in the Pacific Ocean west of northern South America. The islands emerged from the bottom of the sea in the form of astonishing volcanic upheavals. 

#28- India

man and woman riding an elephant
Photo by Parv Choudhary on Pexels.com

India, in Southern Asia, is an incredible country. Visiting Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur is a perfect 1-week itinerary for your first trip to India. You can see the Taj Mahal and Amber Fort in a week-long vacation.  

  • Stand in Front of Taj Mahal
  • Amber Fort
  • Holi Festival
  • Jaipur, Delhi, Agra

#29- Cuba

car on the road
Photo by Dimitri Dim on Pexels.com

Cuba is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. The country is known for the colorful colonial cities that crawl with 1950s Cadillacs and turquoise-colored beaches. 

#30- Moscow, Russia

saint basil s cathedral
Photo by Julius Silver on Pexels.com
  • Red Square
  • Basil’s Cathedral

#31: Petra, Jordan

man riding on camel
Photo by Valdemaras D. on Pexels.com

Petra is an abandoned city discovered by a Swiss Explorer named Johann in 1812. Thousands of years ago, Petra, in southern Jordan, was thriving. The temples, tombs, and other elaborate buildings carved from the mountainside are incredible. The most famous is the ancient treasury, as shown in the photo above, a sandstone temple. 

  • Explore the Ancient Ruins of Petra

#32: USA- Hawaii

mountains and ocean
Photo by Troy Squillaci on Pexels.com

Hawaii is a group of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean. The warm tropical weather, fruity drinks, and beautiful beaches will make you want to travel to Hawaii. 

  • Black Sand Beaches in Hawaii
  • Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park

#33: Canada

photo of woman standing near the lake
Photo by Andre Furtado on Pexels.com

Canada, the second largest country in the world, is diverse in that it has both mountains to cosmopolitan cities. If you love nature, Canada makes for a dream travel destination. Did you know? You can even see the northern lights from Canada! 

#34: South Africa

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
  • See the Big 5

#35: Bolivia

uyuni salt flat
Photo by Leonardo Rossatti on Pexels.com
  • Salt Flats

#36: Laos

  • Explore Tam Ting Caves in Laos

#37: Turkey 

hot air balloons over town in cappadocia
Photo by Gizem Çelebi on Pexels.com

Turkey is a unique country that everyone should see at least once. The top 4 places to see in Turkey are Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Antalya, Ankara, and Istanbul. 

#38: St Lucia

the pitons
Photo by Eric Seddon on Pexels.com

St. Lucia is the perfect tropical getaway, home to Caribbean beaches, the Pitons, and the only drive-in volcano in the world. 

#39: Portugal

bird s eye view photography of cove

Portugal is a charming country and has beautiful landscapes. Portugal is known for its historic castles, stunning beaches, and energetic cities. You have to try the delicious seafood cuisine and wine while you are there. The beaches, rock formations, and architecture in Portugal are stunning!

#40: Brazil

an aerial photography of christ the redeemer
Photo by Luan Gonçalves on Pexels.com

Rio is known for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and iconic landmarks.

We shared 40 Countries to add to YOUR bucket list. Have you been to any of these countries? Please commend below about your experience!

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