19 Things to Do in Cuba

19 Things to Do in Cuba

Cuba is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. The country is known for the colorful colonial cities that crawl with 1950s Cadillacs and turquoise-colored beaches. Below are 19 things to do in Cuba!

19 Things to Do in Cuba
Havana, Cuba

Fun Facts:

  • Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean
  • Cuban cigars were made world-famous by the Spanish
  • Cuba has the second largest reef in the Caribbean
  • The name Cuba means fertile land
  • Cuba is home to the smallest bird in the world
  • The flag represents freedom and independence, which is quite ironic

Things to do:

1- Visit Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

The top three things to do in Havana are to visit the historic buildings, drive an old fashion 1950 Cadillac car, and have a cigar.

2- Cuban Cigar in Vinales

19 Things to Do in Cuba
Vinales, Cuba

Do not purchase a cigar for $1.00 on the street, but rather visit a tobacco farm because you know the quality is pristine. The tobacco field is called Vinales. It is located in rural Cuba on the west side of the island. Not only will you find tobacco fields, but also great hiking trails, areas to go horseback riding, and caves to explore.

3- Walking Tour of Old Havana

A guided tour will take you to see points of interest in Old Havana, as they know where the main public squares, famous cafes, and churches are. The professional guide can give you extra insight into the history, culture, people, and landmarks of Cuba.

4- Explore the Colonial Plazas of Havana

A. Plaza Vieja is a historic square that dates back to the 16th century. You will find colorful colonial buildings that surround the square.

B. Plaza de Armas is the oldest square in Havana, surrounded by palm trees and a statue of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, the initiator of the Cuban independence movement. The cobblestone streets of Plaza de Armas are made of wood.

C. Plaza De La Catedral– This photogenic square is home to stone buildings inspired by Spain.

D. Plaza de San Francisco- Plaza de San Francisco is yet another beautiful place to stroll around in Havana because it is on the Harbour. You’ll try out many different cafes or visit an 18th-century Basilica in this area.

5- Visit the Turquoise Beaches

19 Things to Do in Cuba
Playa Ancon

The turquoise-colored white sand beaches in Cuba are super relaxing and quite perfect. The best beaches to visit in Cuba are Playa Jibacoa, Playa Ancon, and Varadero.

6- Vintage Car Tour

Vintage Car Tour

A vintage classic car tour is a great way to explore Cuba’s neighborhoods. Witnessing or driving Havana’s 1950’s cars makes for a unique experience in the Caribbean.

7- Visit Fusterlandia

Fusterlandia is a colorful and fun area of mosaic tile and recycled art located about 20 miles outside Havana.

8- Cocktail Hour + Mojitos

Be sure to try a mojito in Cuba because the drink was invented in Cuba. The recipe consists of white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint!

9- Learn about the Cuban Revolution

Castro had a key role in the Cuban Revolution against Batista’s forces. In 1959 Castro assumed military and political power as Cuba’s prime minister. He was the leader of Cuba until 2008 and under his administration, Cuba became a one-party communist state. Socialism does not work, as the people in Cuba are starving and there are severe food shortages!

10- Visit Trinidad, Cuba

19 Things to Do in Cuba
Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad, Cuba is a Spanish colonial town with cobblestone streets. Every other corner is a picture-perfect photo opportunity. If you are interested in exploring Trinidad at night then having a few drinks at Disco Ayala, which is a club inside a real cave, is for you. Climbing the bell tower of the Trinidad Church should be added to your Cuban Bucket List, as the view is nothing short of spectacular.

11- Swim in a Cenote


Did you know? Cuba is home to Cenotes, which are the most ideal spot for a restful swimming experience. Cenotes have calm waters and the area is closed off by caves.

12- Swim in the Waterfalls of Topes de Collantes National Park

19 Things to Do in Cuba
Vegas Grande Waterfall

Topes de Collantes is a massive park full of hiking opportunities and waterfalls to explore. The Vegas Grande Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls to go swimming!

13- Snorkel or Dive in the Bay of Pigs

Cuba has the most crystal clear water to go snorkeling or diving in. You can go scuba diving in Cuba for $25 a tank past the Bay of Pigs at Playa Giron.

14- Visit Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is the capital of Cuba, known for being founded by the Spanish in 1515. The focal point of the Spanish-American War was Santiago de Cuba. You will find colonial architecture throughout the city. The city has parades and festivals in July featuring colorful costumes and salsa dancing.

15- Visit Santa Clara, Cuba

This small colorful town is rich in history, as it is over 500 years old. Santa Clara played an important role in the Revolution. Che’s rebel army derailed a train carrying supplies to Batista’s troops in the east. Batista then fled Cuba.

16- Visit the Che Guevara Mausoleum in Santa Clara

This memorial, in Plaza Che Guevara, is home to the remains of those killed in 1967 during Guevara’s attempt to spur an armed uprising in Bolivia.

17- Do Cacao Tour in Baracoa, Cuba

Baracoa is the only place in Cuba that produces chocolate because of the climate in the area. The chocolate is super high quality and even Switzerland businesses use this chocolate. The city itself is super charming.

18- Hike the El Yunque in Baracoa

El Yunque is a moderate to challenging 4-hour hike in Baracoa, leading to incredible mountaintop views.

19- See Flamingos at Laguna Guanaroca

Laguna Guanaroca is a mangrove lake that leads to a viewing platform where flamingos and other birds reside. You can visit viewing platform only by taking a rowboat.

Of course, we can add water sports, like jet skiing, kayaking, or paddle boarding to this list, as the ocean is so beautiful! We listed 19 things to do in Cuba. Have you been to Cuba? We would love to hear about YOUR experience!!

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