Top 5 Places to Visit in Canada

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Canada

Top 5 Places to Visit in Canada

Canada, the second largest country in the world, is diverse in that it has both mountains to cosmopolitan cities. If you love nature, Canada makes for a dream travel destination. Did you know? You can even see the northern lights from Canada! We listed the top 5 places to visit in Canada!

Fun Facts:

  1. Canada is bilingual in both English and French.
  2. Canada has the longest coastline in the world, with 125,567 miles
  3. More than half of the lakes in the world are in Canada
  4. Quebec in Canada is the only officially French-speaking province
  5. The CN Tower in Toronto was the world’s tallest free-standing structure until 2007
  6. There are more doughnut shops in Canada per capita than in any other country
Top 5 Places to Visit in Canada
Niagara Falls

My Experience:

I went to Canada a few times throughout my life because my sister studied at Plattsburgh State University, which is only an hour from Montreal. I went on a few other occasions to visit Niagara Falls and Toronto. We list the best places to visit in Canada based on my experiences as well as on research that I have done.

#1: Niagara Falls:

Niagara Falls was formed more than 12,000 years ago at the end of the Ice Age when water was released from melting ice. The force of the water wore away the rock layers, and Niagara Falls moved upstream, reaching its present location. Niagara Falls consist of three waterfalls: The Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls.

My Experience:

I was lucky enough to see Niagara Falls on two occasions in America and Canada. The most mesmerizing to me was witnessing the falls in Canada because it lights up at night. At the American falls, we went on a tour called The Cave of the Winds, where we walked under the falls.

Fun Facts:

-The second largest waterfall in the world
-The volume creates a natural whirlpool within the river
-The water flow is increased during the summer


-The Maid of the Mist is Niagara Falls’ exclusive boat tour on the Canadian side. Book your tour here

-Experience Niagara Falls by helicopter here

-Witness both the Maid of the Mist Boat Tour, but also the Cave of the Winds walking tour on the American side by booking your all-inclusive Niagara Falls tour here

What to Bring?

-Underwater Camera- Link here

-Go-Pro – Link here

-Ponchos are provided

#2: Banff National Park

Top 5 Places to Visit in Canada
Banff National Park

Banff National Park consists of rocky mountain peaks, turquoise glacial lakes, and a picture-perfect mountain town village. There is a scenic drive throughout the entire park. This place has been on my bucket list for years, in that every time I see a photo of this place it takes my breath away. Lakes to see in the park include Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, Bow Lake, and Peyto Lake. Be sure to check out the city of Banff, as it has tons of restaurants, hotels, and shops. Famous hikes in Banff National Park are the Johnston Canyon Trail, Lake Agnes Tea House, and the Big Beehive.

Fun Facts:

-The lakes get their colors from the glaciers that surround them
-All hiking trails are more than 1,000 miles long
-There is a castle-shaped mountain in the park
-Banff National Park was Canada’s first national park
-Banff has the most beautiful golf courses in the world


-Banff National Park Hiking Tour with a Professional Guide here.

-Banff National Park Winter Sightseeing Tour here

What to Bring?

-Workout and Hiking Gear Here

-Ski Trip Gear Here

-Electronics Here

#3: Montreal

Montreal, Canada

Montreal, Canada is unique for its French history and culture dating back to the 16th century. There are tons of things to do in Montreal. I wrote an entire blog post here about how you can spend your day in this unique place filled with kind, warm-hearted people and cobblestone streets.

Fun Facts:

-Montreal is the second largest French-speaking city in the world, after Paris
-Montreal has the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada and the second in North America after New York
-Montreal is known for its superb cuisine, vibrant nightlife, and cultural diversity
-The city produces 85% of the world’s maple syrup
-No building is allowed to be taller than the cross at the top of Mont-Royal
-The first organized hockey team in the world was formed in 1879 at McGill University Hockey Club
-La Ronde is the second biggest amusement park in all of Canada

Things to Do:

Notre Dame Basilica

Notre Dame Basilica- This was the first Gothic Revival style church in Canada and is located at 110 Notre-Dame Street West, at the corner of Saint Sulpice Street. This church is a dazzling show of architecture. Visit their website for more information.

Montreal Botanical Garden

Montreal Botanical Garden– The 190-acre Botanical Gardens are home to 22,000 species of flora. They also have a section specifically known as the Japanese Garden, where they showcase designs from the 14th to 17th century Ming Dynasty. The price is $16.00 for adults and is at 4101 Rue Sherbrooke E Montreal, Canada.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts- The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts collection has been around for 150 years with an impressive assortment of international works and local pieces from Canada. This place is at 1380 Rue Sherbrooke O and costs $17.50 for adults.

Jean Talon Market- This market is one of the oldest markets in North America and is located a block or so off Boulevard Saint-Laurent.

Parc du Mont-Royal- Be sure to check out Parc du Mont-Royal, as this park sits 761 ft over central Montreal.

St. Joseph’s Oratory- This is a free church that you can visit designed in an Italian Renaissance style with a copper dome rising 318 feet high.

Museums– The best museums to visit in Montreal include the Holocaust Museum and the Museum of Archaeology and History.

Tours to Book:

-Helicopter Tour over Montreal Here

-History Walking Tour of Old Montreal Here

What to Bring?

Camera (Link Here)

Electronics (Link Here)

#4: Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada is a city located in western Canada. There are tons of restaurants, activities, and places to stay while you are visiting. It is unique in that it is surrounded by both water and mountains. There are beaches to visit as well as tons of attractions to go to including the Vancouver Art Gallery. You can go kayaking or zip lining during the warmer months and if you are there during the winter you can go skiing.

Fun Facts:

-Vancouver was named after a British explorer, Captain Vancouver, who sailed the area in 1792

-The city is ranked as the 10th cleanest in the world

-Vancouver attracts 15 million tourists every year

Things to Do:

-Skiing- The three mountains where you can go skiing are Grouse Mountain, Mount Seymour, and Cypress Mountain

-Snorkeling- You can swim with beluga whales as you sightsee the ice-cold waters.

Aquarium- The Vancouver Aquarium ranks in the top five around the world. You will see dolphins, beluga whales, sea lions, seals, and sea otters.

-Parks- Vancouver has more parks than any other city in the world.

  1. Stanley Park- Stanley Park is the largest at 1,001 acres.
  2. Queen Elizabeth Park is located at the highest vantage point in Vancouver, with extraordinary views.
  3. Pacific Spirit Regional Park has almost 50 miles of trails.
Capilano Suspension Bridge & Park

4. Capilano Suspension Bridge & Park- Travelers who love the thrill of heights and gorgeous rainforest views are rewarded with this park.

-Cruise- The Alaska cruise will take you from Vancouver to British Columbia. On the cruise, you’ll encounter glaciers and beautiful sights you will never forget.


  1. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden- This is named one of the best city gardens on the planet. This garden was designed by Suzhou specialists, who used rare trees shipped from Asia.
  2. VanDusen Botanical Garden- In this garden, you’ll find yellow laburnum blooming and more than 7,500 plant species from every continent and a picturesque lake.


-Vancouver Seaplane Tour Here

-Whale Watching Tour Here

-Vancouver Harbor Sunset Dinner Cruise Here

What to Bring?

-Ski Trip Gear Here

-Camera (Link Here)

#5: Toronto

Toronto, Canada

Toronto is a city that I have been to and adored. Toronto is the capital city of the Canadian province of Ontario.

Fun Facts:

-Toronto is the largest city in Canada

-Toronto has a team in every major league

-The Toronto Zoo is the largest zoo in Canada, and one of the largest in the world

-The PATH is the largest underground shopping complex in the world

Things to Do:

Niagara Falls- You could drive or go on a boat cruise to get to Niagara Falls from Toronto. This tour will pick you up from Toronto.


Bellwood’s Brewery

Bellwood’s Brewery- Bellwood’s Brewery is known for its craft beer. A Toronto experience is enjoying a crisp IPA at one of their picnic tables.

CN Tower

CN Tower- Be sure to visit the CN Tower, where you can take in the view from the lookout at 447 meters above the city.

St. Lawrence Market– St. Lawrence Market is one of the world’s best food markets to see.

Museums- Toronto has museums, art galleries, and festivals to visit! The best museums to visit are the Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, and Toronto International Film Festival.

Performances-A visit to Roy Thompson Hall is a must-see in that it provides captivating performances that are a real treat for the ears.


-Toronto Zoo Here

Bruce Peninsula

-Bruce Peninsula Day Trip from Toronto Here

-Niagara Falls from Toronto Here

What to Bring?

Camera (Link Here)

Electronics (Link Here)

We listed the top 5 places to visit in Canada. Have you ever been to Canada? Please comment about your experience below!

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