22 Things to Do in Portugal

22 Things to Do in Portugal

bird s eye view photography of cove
Photo by julie aagaard on Pexels.com

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Portugal is a charming country and has beautiful landscapes. Portugal is known for its historic castles, stunning beaches, and energetic cities. You have to try the delicious seafood cuisine and wine while you are there. Below are 22 things to do in Portugal.

Tips for Visiting:

  • Money to Use: Euro
  • Local Language: Portuguese
  • Best Food to Try: Seafood
  • Popular Drinks: Porto Wine, Ginja, and Licor Beirão
  • Transportation: Boat, Train, Tram 28, or Bus


#1: Witness the Beautiful Architecture-

If you look at pictures of narrow streets and architecture in Lisbon, the photos will make you want to go. Portugal is known for its ceramic tiles or colorful Azulejos and Pombaline architecture. The architecture became prominent in the downtown area when the country was designed and rebuilt in Lisbon following the earthquake in 1755. 

#2: Museums-

National Tile Museum

Speaking of the incredible ceramic tiles, you must go to the National Tile Museum while you are in Lisbon! Other museums to see are the Navy Museum and the National Coach Museum.

#3: Wine Tasting and Tapas-

close up photography of wine glasses
Photo by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels.com

The best place to try tapas and taste different types of wine is at the Lisbon Winery!

#4: Lisbon Cathedral-

Lisbon Cathedral

The Lisbon Cathedral dates back to the 12th century and has a Romanesque style.

#5: Fabrica Coffee Roasters-

close up of a cup of coffee
Photo by Arda Kaykısız on Pexels.com

The coffee culture in Portugal brings people together! Be sure to visit Fabrica Coffee Roasters for an incredible cup that will spark your senses. 

#6: Explore the Plazas-

Praca do Comercio

Praca do Comercio is a beautiful plaza to add to your Lisbon bucket list. 

#7: Ajuda National Palace-

Ajuda National Palace Museum

Ajuda National Palace was the last residence of the Portuguese Royal Family in the 18th and 19th centuries. The former Royal Palace is now a national monument and museum.

#8: Tram 28-

Tram 28

Tram 28 is one of the best ways to get around Lisbon. It is a historic form of transportation that can take you to popular neighborhoods, including Alfama, Baixa, and Chiado.

#9: Guided Walking Tour-


Take a guided walking tour of central Lisbon to see the main attractions. You will stroll through the Alfama, Baixa, and Chiado and discover the revolutionary history of Lisbon in Restauradores Square.

#10: Boca Linda Restaurant-

margarita glass on table
Photo by Sabel Blanco on Pexels.com

If you love Mexican food, go to Boca Linda in Lisbon! They have delicious margaritas. 

#11: Sunset Boat Cruise-

See Lisbon’s monuments from the water during a 2-hour boat cruise including wine!

Day Trips from Lisbon:

#12. Day Trip to Sintra to See the Sintra National Palace-

Pena Palace

Learn about Sintra’s architecture and history with a professional tour guide. The tour guide will take a small group to see TWO palaces at Pena National Park, a sea arch, and a seaside town. The Sintra day trip from Lisbon will be the time of your life!

  • Palaces in Pena National Park Palaces: Palacio and Quinta da Regaleira
  • Sea Arch in Marina in Cascais: Boca do Inferno
  • Seaside Town: Praia das Azenhas do Mar

#13: Day Trip from Lisbon to the Caves of Mira de Aire-

Caves of Mira de Aire

Take a break from the narrow streets of Lisbon and discover the Caves of Mira de Aire on a private tour. The rock formations will leave you speechless. The tour also stops at a few other incredible places, including the Salinas de Rio Maior, Pegadas de Dinossauros, Algar do Pena cave, Polje de Minde, and MORE!! View the full itinerary! 


#14: Lagos, Algarve Beaches-

bird s eye view photography of cove
Photo by julie aagaard on Pexels.com

Lagos is the most visited city in Algarve. The best beach to see is Ponte de Piedade in Lagos. Other great beaches are Praia Do Camilo and Caves of Benagil Beach. We list tours below that will take you to these places. 

#15: Boat Trip to Ponte de Piedade-

Ponte de Piedade

This beach is the BEST BEST BEACH in all of Lagos. It is rated #1 on TripAdvisor!! You can take a boat trip to get to this beach!!!

-Book a Boat Trip to Ponte de Piedade

#16: Geological formations tour to the Caves of Benagil in Lagos-

There are so many geological formations along the beaches in Lagos and what better way to see the rock formations than go on a tour? These caves are INSANELY beautiful! –

-Geological Formations Tour to Benagil in Lagos

#17: Boat Day in Lagos to Praia do Camilo-

This INCREDIBLE cruise includes lunch, snorkeling gear, and stops at BEAUTIFUL beaches that you can only get to by boat. Beaches that this tour stops at include:

  •  Praia da Luz
  • Praia do Camilo
  •  Praia do Canavia

Sao Miguel, Azores

#18: Hot Springs in Sao Miguel-

Hot Springs Poca da Dona Beija

Poça da Dona Beija is THE BEST hot springs in Portugal, located in São Miguel, the largest Azore island. The Tour will take you to the hot springs!

#19: Waterfall called Cascata da Ribeira Quente-

The Ribeira Quente Waterfall

Sao Miguel, Azores is also home to Cascata da Ribeira Quente, which is an AMAZING waterfall you can hike to. 


#20: Explore the Main Sites in Porto-

Porto is a beautiful city in Portugal along the water with cobblestone streets. You have to try Porto Wine if you find yourself in Porto. The historic center of the Old Town is charming. 

The best things to do in Porto:

  • Old Town Historic Center
  • Porto Cathedral
  • Dom Luis I Bridge
  • Panoramic Views from Clerigos Tower
  • Bolsa Palace

#21: Jardin do Morro Garden in Nova de Gaia, Porto-

You have to visit Jardin do Morro by taking a cable car. The cable car will lead to a green space with beaches and palm trees at the summit. This place is in Vila Nova de Gaia in Porto. 

Day Trip from Porto:

#22: Cascata da Cabreia Waterfall-

Another great waterfall in Portugal is the Cascata da Cabreia, located in Silva Escura, near Porto. 

We shared the 22 things to do in Portugal. Have you ever been to Portugal? Please comment below about your experience! 

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