Top 8 Travel Resources

Top 8 Travel Resources

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We list the best resources to help you find the cheapest flight, purchase train tickets, book excursions, and select where to stay. Below you can also find out how to get volunteer work, apply for your passport, and find Visa information. These resources will make traveling easier. They help me when traveling somewhere for the first time and somewhere I have been previously! Below are the top 8 travel resources!

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1: Passport

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We all know that you need a PASSPORT to travel internationally. You have to renew your passport nine months before it expires. Always check the expiration date before booking an international flight.

Fill out a Passport Application form at The application fee for a Passport Book is $130.00 and Passport Card for $30.00, but who doesn’t love PASSPORT STAMPS? Haha, just kidding, but in all honesty, if you want to save $100.00, get the card. It costs the same to apply for your first time or renew it.

In the application, you have to download a passport picture. The best spot to get your passport photo taken is at your local CVS. They print your photos instantly!

2: Book Your Flights

You might be wondering how to get the best price for your flight and when is the best day to book your flight. You can compare flights and dates on the App Hopper! Hopper compares prices from all airlines and finds you the best deal. I always notice it is cheaper to travel on a weekday, like a Monday or Tuesday. Another way to compare flights is at

3: Excursions

The best resources to book your excursions are TripAdvisor and Get Your Guide. They offer tours ALL over the world. Tours are a great idea because they provide transportation, multiple things to do in one day, and the guides offer valuable insight!

4: Visa

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Project Visa lists Visa requirements for all countries.

5: Where to Stay

You can stay anywhere, from hotels and boutique apartments to hostels and guesthouses. The list of places to stay is endless. We recommend using the Air Bnb app for apartments, for hotels, or HostelWorld for hostels. Visit each site according to what kind of accommodation you are looking for. Be sure to read reviews to help you decide where to stay!

6: Volunteer Work

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Help Exchange is volunteer work in exchange for free food and accommodation! It is FREE to join!

7: Trains

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Photo by SenuScape on will help you with booking train tickets and travel within Europe. You can see 33 countries with one pass! Seat 61 is the ultimate train resource. You can find train times, book tickets, ferry ride information, and more.

8: Travel Insurance

The best resources to have insurance while you are on the road are Safety Wing and Covermore. Safety Wing focuses on medical travel insurance. Covermore includes coverage for personal items, electrical goods, and more.

Which resource that we listed have you used before? Did this list help at all? Please let us know in the comment section down below!

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