Top 4 Places to Visit in Turkey

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Top 4 Places to Visit in Turkey

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Turkey is a unique country that everyone should see at least once. The top 4 places to see in Turkey are Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Antalya, Ankara, and Istanbul. Below we list reasons for visiting each location, facts about each place, things to do, and tours to book. 

Fun Facts About Turkey:

-Ankara is the capital of Turkey

-99% of the population is Muslim

-There are over 80,000 Mosques

Tips to Know Before Visiting Turkey:

-Language: Locals speak Turkish

-Money: Turkish lira

-Rate of Exchange: $1.00 US = $19.50 Turkish

-Turkey Charger: Type C and F Vs. US Charger: Type A and B

-Transportation: The cheapest way to get around Turkey is by bus.

-Clothing: Don’t wear TANK TOPS or SHORTS to the Mosques. Although it is a Muslim country, there is no dress code for tourists. You are free to wear what you want.

-Weather? Turkey has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters. 

-When is the best time to Visit Turkey? The best time to visit is between June and September.

Place #1- Cappadocia-

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How was Cappadocia formed? Cappadocia formed 60 million years ago by the erosion of lava from Mount Erciyes.

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What is Cappadocia Known for? Cappadocia is known for its rock formations, unique landscape, and hot air balloons that ride above the area as a tourist attraction. 

Best Things to Do:

A-Go Hiking and Explore the Fair Chimneys

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Explore the Rock Formations or Fair Chimneys, including love valley, rose valley, pigeon valley, monks valley, and devrent valley. You can explore each valley by going hiking. 

B-Hot Air Balloon Ride above Cappadocia- 

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Do not forget to book your hot air balloon ride ahead of time! The best time to visit is in the early morning for fewer crowds. The sunrise is incredible. 

C-Stay in a Cave Hotel- 

How cool would it be to say that you have stayed overnight in one of the soft volcanic rock hotels? That is right. The hotels were completed out of ROCK! Goreme is the city center where you can find these hotels. 

D- Explore the Goreme Open Air Museum-

The Goreme Open Air Museum should be at the TOP of your bucket list when visiting Turkey because you will find intricate churches cut into volcanic rock from the Middle Ages.

E- Visit Uchisar-

Uchisar is the largest castle built from rock to see in all of Cappadocia. The castle overlooks the town and has incredible views from the top. 

F- ATV ride, Horse ride, or Camel ride-

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 What better way to see the incredible scenery of Cappadocia than going on an ATV ride, horse ride, or camel ride?

G-Explore the underground cities- 

The two best underground cities to see are Derinkuyu Underground City and Kaymakli Underground City.

Place #2- Pamukkale-

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Pamukkale has 17 natural springs that you can swim in! The water contains calcium hydro carbonate and is heated naturally from the earth. 

Compare Tours! 

Place #3- Antalya-

Antalya is one of the most stunning places in Turkey, home to beaches, waterfalls, and the Old Town. 

Best Things to Do:

A- Visit the Duden Waterfalls-

The beautiful waterfalls flow from the Taurus Mountains to the Mediterranean Sea. Although they are lovely to look at, there is no swimming allowed. 

B- Antalya Archeology Museum-

A trip to see the largest archeologist museum in Turkey is worth it. You will find collections of artifacts, mosaics, and marble statues.

C- Hadrian’s Gate-

Hadrian’s Gate has three double arches built in the name of Roman Emperor Hadrian. The arches are still beautifully carved.

D- Old City Marina-

Located at the foot of Kaleici old town in Antalya you will see picturesque hills, valleys, and steps that reach the old City Marina. The Marina is a crescent-shaped site where boats and yachts reside. There are a few cafes that have coffee and tea near the marina. 

E- Suluada (Day Trip)-

A trip to Suluada should be at the top of your Turkey Bucket LIST! Suluada is a Mediterranean island in Turkey home to freshwater where you can go snorkeling and marvel at the underwater wildlife. You can see the island on a boat tour from Antalya.

Place #4- Istanbul-

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Istanbul is in Asia and Europe, home to the largest market in the world called the Grand Bazaar and one of the most remarkable landmarks, also known as Hagia Sofia. 

Best Things to Do:

A- Blue Mosque-

The Blue Mosque has Byzantine Christian and traditional Islamic architecture. The mosque was given its name by the blue Iznik tiles used in the construction process. The chandeliers and red carpets inside are gorgeous!

B- Hagia Sofia Mosque-

The Hagia Sofia Mosque was built three times by the Eastern Roman Empire. 

C- Topkapi Palace and Museum-

The best way to see the Topkapi Palace and Museum is with a guided tour so that the professionals give you insight into what you’re seeing!

D- Basilica Cistern-

Istanbul’s most spectacular underground museum and the top attraction is the Basilica Cistern. The 336 columns have a cylindrical shape and are BEAUTIFUL. You will see fish outside the windows. They also hold concerts at the Basilica Cistern! You will notice SEVERAL international films have taken place at the Basilica Cistern, including scenes from Inferno starring TOM HANKS! 

We listed the top 4 places to visit in Turkey! Have you ever visited Turkey? Please comment about your experience. 

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