18 Best Things to Do in Germany

18 Best Things to Do in Germany

18 Best Things to Do in Germany

Germany is a country in Central Europe with a population of 81 million people. Germany is the seventh-largest country in Europe. You will see beautiful architecture, witness lively festivals, try delicious drinks and food, and the best beer. Germany has it all! Below are 18 best things to do in Germany.

Berlin, Germany:

#1- Berlin-

18 Best Things to Do in Germany
Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the largest city in Germany, and there are many things to do because the city is home to world-class museums, churches, parks, and beautiful squares to go and see!

#2: Brandenburg Gate-

18 Best Things to Do in Germany
The Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate was built in the late 18th century and is a neoclassical monument. The gate is one of the most famous landmarks in Berlin to visit.

#3: Reichstag

Reichstag is next to the Brandenburg gate, and you can visit the rooftop terrace for free.

#4: Berlin Dahlem Botanical Garden

18 Best Things to Do in Germany
Berlin Dahlem Botanical Garden

The Berlin Dahlem Botanical Garden is home to 18,000 different plants and is a beautiful place to stroll.

#5: Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

The Holocaust memorial has 2,711 blocks designed to look like tombs honoring of the Jews who have lost their lives during World War 2.

#6: Cecilenhof

Back in the day, Cecilenhof was a castle, and it is now a museum. When you visit, it is like walking back into the past.

#7: Berlin Cathedral

18 Best Things to Do in Germany
Berlin Cathedral

This cathedral is on Museum Island, and you can climb 270 stairs to get to the top of the dome for a wonderful view of Berlin.

#8: Hackescher Markt

Hackescher Markt is a market square shopping hot spot in Berlin filled with many charming up-and-coming designer shops and boutiques. It is also a starting point of Berlin’s nightlife scene.

#9: Berlin Wall-

The Berlin Wall is also known as the Eastside art gallery and has 100 pieces of artwork and there is no entrance fee.

Munich, Germany

#10: Munich

Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany is most famous for being Europe’s largest brewing capital and hosting Oktoberfest every year.

#11: Octoberfest-

Oktoberfest is an annual fall festival associated with the consumption of large amounts of beer and traditional German foods. Oktoberfest does take place all around the world. The best place to celebrate Oktoberfest is in Munich, Germany.

#12: Glockenspiel Clock at New Town Hall- 

New Town Hall

The infamous clock was added to the New Town Hall in Munich in 1907. The New Town Hall is the home of politics in Munich and is one of Munch’s most impressive buildings. The Neo-Gothic style makes the building look older than it actually is and every day at 10:30 am between March and October, you’ll be able to witness the clock put on a ritual dance. For a better view of the 15-minute production, visit the third or fourth floor of the Hugendubel bookstore across the square. You will also find a dragon statue climbing down the building constructed in 1906.

#13: Munich Residenz (Museum)-

The Munich Residenz is now a museum; however, back in the day, it was a palace of the monarchs of Bavaria and is a must-see historic place to visit. The complex architecture is stunning, and the building has over 130 historic rooms, a church, theatre, and riding stables to see.

#14: Neuschwanstein Castle- 

Visit the Neuschwanstein Castle and Linderhof Palace on a day trip from Munich. The castle was built in the 19th century by King Ludwig II in French Rococo style.

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is a charming city in Germany known for having canals and bridges, it has more bridges than any other city in Europe.

#15: St. Michaels Church-

St. Michaels Church is one of five Lutheran churches in Hamburg to visit. You can go up to the church’s observation deck for a fantastic view of the harbour.

#16: Hamburg Observatory

The Hamburg Observatory is a museum owned and operated by the Hamburg University.

#17: Loki-Schmidt Garden-

This garden is stunning and is maintained also by the Hamburg University.

#18: Jenischpark-

Jenischpark is the oldest landscaped park in Hamburg. The relaxing park is home to two museums and a river.

Have you ever been to Germany? We listed 18 best things to do in Germany. Please comment down below about your experience!

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