11 Best Things to Do in Belize


Belize faces the Caribbean Sea and is in Central America. The country is home to incredible Mayan ruins and the second largest coral reef. The natural beauty is one of the main reasons to visit Belize, as there are beautiful beaches, mountains, waterfalls, and caves to explore. Before we dive deeper into our blog filled with the 11 best things to do in Belize, be sure to book these two tours to get the most out of your experience in Belize:

  1. 7 Stop Snorkel Tour in the Belize Barrier Reef
  2. Mayan Temple, Cave Tube, and Zipline in Belize

1- Exploring the Mayan Ruins

Did you know? There are more Maya Ruins per square mile in Belize over any other country. The best place to see the majestic ruins is at San Ignacio, where you can also explore various caves, visit a Mayan temple called Cahal Peach, and go to Chaa Creek Nature Reserve.

  • Xunantunich sits near a rainforest and rock ridges.
  • El Castillo is a Mayan Ruin that is 130 feet tall and is the second tallest building in the country.
  • Altun Ha is an ancient Mayan site that functioned as a trading post for centuries and features 13 temples.
  • Caracol is one of the most impressive Mayan sites in the country. The Caracol Natural Monument Reservation features a vast Mayan city within the Chiquibul National Park.
  • Lamani is a Mayan site located at the banks of New River Lagoon. While you explore this Mayan site, you will find pottery, drawings, and ancient figurines, which will provide you with a bigger picture of what life was like up until the 16th century.

2- Snorkeling or Scuba Diving at the Blue Hole

Blue Hole

The Blue Hole, located along the Belize Barrier Reef, is a dark blue circle surrounded by turquoise water and bright green coral. The Blue Hole formed 10,000 years ago when a cave collapsed. It is a scuba divers’ paradise. If you prefer to go snorkeling, then you can. The best spot to go snorkeling is along the edge of the hole, where you can check out the corals and marine life.

3- Ambergris Caye

Belize is home to 200 secluded islands. Ambergris is the largest island at 25 miles long and is a perfect place to relax, eat food, and enjoy beachfront views. The best beach to relax at is called Secret Beach. The most common ways to get around the island are by golf cart or bicycle. The island’s main town is called San Pedro, which has cobblestone streets, colorful restaurants, and upscale hotels.

4- Cocksomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

At Cocksomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, you will see jaguars, monkeys, and Toucans. Did I forget to mention? There is a stunning waterfall and a chocolate factory where you can make chocolate!


  • Cahal Peach – This museum is a Mayan temple located at San Ignacio.
  • Museum of Belize- This museum preserves stories of the nation from early Mayan societies to colonization and modern history.

6- Turneffe Islands

The Turneffe Islands are home to 200 coral islands. Each island is magical and unique in a different way. You will find crystal clear visible waters, lagoons, creeks, crystalline flats, and more to explore.

7- Beaches

A. Placencia Peninsula has three of Belize’s best turquoise-colored beaches.

B. Bird Caye National Park has sparkling white sand with a baby blue sea. The island is only 1.4 miles big. There are no shops or restaurants.


Hopkins is a village located in Southern Belize. The village has an endearing charm. The town began with the Garinagu people who fled from Honduras. Their culture is different from the rest of Belize. During the day, you can go snorkeling or scuba diving, while during the evening, you can experience the Garinagu drumming and dancing performances.

8- Toledo

Toledo is also known as the Forgotten Land because the place is in a remote location with few tourists. The region is authentic with few infrastructures. You will be able to witness families tending to their crops and locals washing clothes in the river. The beach in Toledo is called the Snake Cayes, where you can go kayaking, swimming, or relax on the white sand.

9- Cave Tubing

Cave Tubing

Cave Tubing Adventures begin with a hike in the rainforest. Then you start your journey through the Caves of Belize in your singular tube. One of the best places to go cave tubing is near Altun Ha. Altun Ha is a Mayan ruin featuring 13 temples.

10- Hol Chan National Park

Hol Chan National Park is within Ambergis Caye. Hol Chan Marine Reserve is one of the best to see along the Belize Barrier Reef. The best way to appreciate the reef is by putting on some snorkel gear and exploring! You can do a 7-stop snorkel tour where you can visit reef sharks in Shark Valley and Sea turtles!

11- Belize City

Belize City has colorful colonial buildings and is home to the main airport. You will also find the Belize zoo and other sites like the Museum of Belize and Belize Swing Bridge.

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