12 Must-See Places Around the World

wet rocks on coast

12 Must-See Places Around the World

The world has many natural wonders to explore! Traveling is wonderful because it opens your eyes to new cultures, experiences, and people. The most incredible part is the natural beauty of the world. Below are the top 12 must-see places around the world.

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#1- Giant’s Causeway in Ireland:

wet rocks on coast
Photo by Sam Forson on Pexels.com

This place is like a DREAM because you can see 37,000 polygon columns caused by a volcanic eruption 60 million years ago. The columns formed by the molten basalt are geometrically perfect! I have never seen anything so unique and mesmerizing.

Myth: The Giant’s Causeway was caused by a giant.

Fact: The Giant’s Causeway was created by volcanic activity 60 million years ago.

Address: 44 Causeway Road, Bushmills Northern Ireland BT57 8SU

Prices: Adult: 8.25 Euros Child: 4.25 Euros

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#2- Love Tunnel in Ukraine:

Did you know? This tunnel connects two cities in Ukraine and looks like a fairy tale illustration. The legend states that if a couple in true love walks through the tunnel and wishes for something, their wish will become true. 

#3- The Rhone and Arve Rivers in Switzerland:

The Rhone and Arve rivers in Switzerland meet but do not change colors. The blue and brown rivers never mix due to the difference in density. 

#4- Giant Crystal Cave in Mexico:

The giant crystals in a cave have been growing in Naica, Mexico for more than 500,000 years. 

#5- Crooked Forest in Poland:

Crooked Forest, in Poland, is home to oddly shaped pine trees. There is no explanation for these curved trees.

#6- Great Blue Hole in Belize:

The great blue hole in Belize is a gigantic sinkhole. No one knows the depth of the sinkhole, and it is said to be one of the deadliest spots in the world, so be careful! The sinkhole is dangerous because oxygen becomes toxic at 184 feet. Extreme pressure can cause damage to the body. Similar Post: 11 Best Things to Do in Belize

#7- Ruby Falls- The Underground Waterfall in Tennessee:

Ruby Falls, located in Tennesee, is home to cave formations with stalactites and stalagmites. The underground waterfall is 145 ft high and has existed for millions of years. 

#8- Marble Caverns Chile:

The marble caves in Chile change colors depending on the seasons and how high or low the water is. The caves are one of the coolest sights situated in the Patagonian Andes. 

#9- Travertine Pools in Pamukkale Turkey:

Swimming in the Travertine Pools is allowed and included with your entrance ticket. The pools at the top and bottom of the hill have the hottest water. The entrance fee for children and adults is $9.00. 

#10- Japan’s Cat Island:

Ao Island is also known as Cat Island in Japan. There are more cats than people that live on the island. Locals believe that feeding cats will bring wealth and good fortune. 

#11- Mendenhall Ice Caves in Alaska:

The Mendenhall Ice Caves are beautiful, but it is hard to reach the destination because you need to canoe or kayak to the edge and then hike the trek along the glacier. 

#12- Mt Kelimutu in Indonesia:

Mt Kelimutu is a volcano known for its trio of multicolored lakes. 

Have you ever been to any of these places? Please comment below about your experience!

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