5 Reasons to Visit Jamaica

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5 Reasons to Visit Jamaica

Jamaica is a beautiful country with crystal clear beaches and is known for its fascinating culture and natural sites including, waterfalls and lagoons. Listed below are five reasons to visit Jamaica and add it to the top of your bucket list!

My Experience: I went to Jamaica in 2013 for a spring break vacation during my second year of college with my father and sister, Talia. We were able to walk up a waterfall and go snorkeling on the beautiful beaches. However, I will never forget how rainy the week was. The rainy season is from May until June and from September until November.

Seven Mile Beach

1- Turquoise Beaches:

Jamaica is home to perfect weather, sunny skies, palm trees, and beautiful turquoise beaches. The best beaches are called Seven Mile Beach and James Bond Beach. Other spots to see include Doctor’s Cave Beach and Frenchman’s Cove. The incredible beaches are one of the many reasons to visit Jamaica.

2- Natural Sites:

A. Dunn’s River Falls- Did you know? In Jamaica, you can walk up a waterfall. Visitors can climb natural rock stairs at Dunn’s River Falls. Along the way, you can soak in natural pools and enjoy the foamy water.

B. Glowing Lagoon near Falmouth- Another natural site in Jamaica is the country’s natural lagoon that lights up blue from a rare form of algae. The best way to experience this is to book a boat tour from Glistening Waters hotel. Yes, you can even jump in the water and go for a swim! Don’t forget to bring your underwater camera!

3- Adventurous Activities:

A. Hiking- Jamaica is a mountainous country with walking and hiking trails. The best place to go hiking is Blue Mountain Peak. Blue Mountain Peak sits at 7,402ft above sea level.

B. Zip Lining- You can even go zip-lining if you would like. There is a company that offers seven zip-lines and four hanging bridges.

5 Reasons to Visit Jamaica
Bamboo Raft in Jamaica

B. Rafting– The Martha Brae River is a great place to go rafting! You can book a tour that will take you along the river on a 30-foot bamboo raft. Don’t forget to bring some cash because you can purchase a few fresh coconuts from the locals along the way.

D. Scuba Diving- In Jamaica, you will find 100 different places to go scuba diving. Jamaica has tropical fish, sting rays, vegetarian nurse sharks, and a shipwreck.


A. Reggae Music- The best place to experience the culture of Jamaica is to go to the Hip Strip in Montego Bay to drink and dance to live performances all night long. Rick’s Cafe has live music in a more laid-back setting. There you will also find a great view of the sunset.

5- Food

5 Reasons to Visit Jamaica
Jerk Kabobs in Jamaica

A. Jerk- The style of cooking in Jamaica is known as jerk. Head to the Boston Beach area to learn about this style of cooking.

These are the 5 best reasons to visit Jamaica. In a future post, I will write about the best things to do in Jamaica!

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