Top 10 Tours to Book in Belize

Top 10 Tours to Book in Belize

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Belize is on the eastern coast of Central America and is at the TOP of my bucket list. Belize is the land of mountains, swamps, caves, and a tropical jungle. Oh, and BEACHES! There are many unique things to do in Belize, from exploring the Mayan Ruins or cave tubing to snorkeling at the Great Blue Hole or exploring temples. Below are the top 10 tours to book in Belize.

Where to Stay in Belize?

We recommend staying at the Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge, surrounded by the Blue Hole National Park. The 5-star lodge is $169 per night. You will have free Wi-Fi, as well as free kayak and bike rentals. Other hotels to select from include Belize Boutique Resort & Spa, Super Palm Resort, and The Great House. We will go into more detail about where to stay in a future blog post!

Best Time to Visit Belize?

The best time to visit Belize is from late November to mid-April. These months are during the dry season in Belize.

5 Facts About Belize:

1-Belize is 180 miles long and 68 miles wide
2-Belmopan is the capital
3-Belize City is the largest city
4-English is the official language
5: The Belize dollar is the official currency

Travel Tips for Visiting Belize:

-A US Charger will work just fine in Belize.
-$1.00 USD is = $2.00 BZD.
-The best way to get around Belize is by water taxi or car. Taxis and rental cars are the most hassle-free mode of transportation.
-You can stay up to 30 days without a Visa.
-A passport is required.

Read the top 8 travel resources to help plan your trip or download our TRAVEL PLANNER! We listed different tour options for one specific adventure, like zip lining, to help you decide which tour to add to your trip.

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Top 10 Tours to Book:

Tour 1: Full-Day Exploration: Mayan Temple, Belize Cave Tubing, and Zip Lining ($176.00 on Viator)

This 5-star rated excursion on Viator costs $176.00 and takes you to Mayan Temple called Atun Ha, Cave Tubing down a river, and Zip Lining in the jungle all in one day! This tour begins at Belize City at 8 am and is six hours. Bottled water, transportation, and lunch are all included in the fee.

Altun Ha: Altun Ha is an ancient Mayan site that functioned as a trading post for centuries and features 13 temples.

Cave Tubing: Cave Tubing Adventures begins with a hike in the rainforest. Then you start your journey through the Caves of Belize in your singular tube.

Zip Lining: Zip lining is a great experience, especially if you love the adrenaline rush and are not afraid of heights.

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Tour 2: Shark Ray Alley Tour ($90 on Viator)

Have you ever dreamed of swimming with SHARKS? Well, now you can! You can swim with nurse sharks, sting rays, and MORE on this Shark Ray Alley Tour on Viator!! This tour is an excellent way to experience the infamous Belize Barrier Reef.

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Option 2: Sailboat Tour ($89.00 on Viator) –

Does life get any better than sailing in Belize? On this sailing and snorkeling tour at Ambergris Caye, you will witness incredible wildlife, coral reefs, and shark ray alley. Not only will you be able to see tropical fish, but you will also see nurse sharks, stingrays, and sea turtles.

Tour 3: Cave Tubing with Lunch ($65.00 on Viator)

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You will walk through the rainforest where the knowledgeable guides will explain about the wildlife in Belize. Once you reach the river, you will hop into your tube and relax as you sour through the Mayan Caves. This $65.00 tour on Viator includes lunch and is SUPER FUN!

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Tour 4: Cave Kayaking- ($50.00 on Viator)

On this 5-star rated adventure on Viator, you will kayak at Nohec Chen Park through caves. You will see crystalline rock formations and an underground waterfall on this adventure. Did I forget to mention? You get to hike through the jungle and Maya mountains to reach the cave entrance.

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Option 2: Cave Kayaking with Zip Lining included ($89.00 on Viator)

On this tour, not only will you get to go kayaking, but you can also sour through the beautiful rainforest and go zip lining!

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Tour 5: Lamanai Temples and River Cruise($139.00 on Viator)

This river cruise will take you to Lamanai Temples, Ancient Mayan Palaces, and the Lamanai Museum. You will spot wildlife on the river cruise, including birds and monkeys.

Lamanai is a Mayan site located at the banks of New River Lagoon. While you explore this Mayan site, you will find pottery, drawings, and ancient figurines, which will provide you with a bigger picture of what life was like up until the 16th century.

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Tour 6: Howler Monkey Sanctuary & Kukumba Beach ($194.00 on Viator)-

You can play and feed monkeys on this tour!! The monkeys will be in their natural habitat. You will enjoy the rest of your day swimming and relaxing at a beautiful turquoise color beach.

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Option 2: Altun Ha Temple, Cave Tubing, Zip Lining, and Baboon Sanctuary ($253.87 on Viator)-

This combo tour will take you to Altun Ha Ancient Mayan Site, a Baboon Sanctuary, Zip Lining, and Cave Tubing. Wow! This tour is great to book if you are on a time limit and want to do multiple things in one day! Inside the cave, you will find crystalline formations, stalagmites, and stalactites. Then, you will see Baboons and monkeys up close at the Baboon Sanctuary!

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Tour 7: Jungle Pontoon Waterfall Adventure Tour ($145.00 on Viator)

This action-packed adventure will take you to three waterfalls, including the Twin Falls and Rio Frio. You will be able to swim or cliff jump at each waterfall. Rio Frio waterfall is 75 ft high and has an open area for swimming.

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Tour 8: Bioluminescence Tour & Sunset River Cruise ($75.00 on Viator)

You will not forget the spectacular sunset and wildlife on this river cruise!! The $75.00 5-star tour on Viator begins at Anderson Lagoon on a boat. You will see bioluminescent plankton light up the water. Exploring the mangroves will be an experience of a lifetime. It will be so cool to see the natural phenomenon so closely. Did you know? Agitated plankton illuminate immediately.

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Tour 9: Horseback Riding Tour at Xunantunich Mayan Ruin ($75 on Viator)-

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This horseback riding tour will take you to ancient Mayan ruins, including the Temple of the Masonry Altars, the Temple of the Green Tomb, and plazas.

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Tour 10: Xunantunich and Inland Blue Hole Tour ($184.00 on Viator)

You will not only see Xunantunich, the largest ancient Mayan city, but you will see Inland Blue Hole. The ancient Mayan city overlooking the Mopan River was once home to 100,000 people. The Inland Blue Hole lies on the offshore reef. You will find 200 species of birds and three big cat species. You will be able to go for a swim.

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Have you ever been to Belize? Please comment below about your experience.

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