Top 10 Tours to Book in Belize

Top 10 Tours to Book in Belize Belize is on the eastern coast of Central America and is at the TOP of my bucket list. Belize is the land of mountains, swamps, caves, and a tropical jungle. Oh, and BEACHES! There are many unique things to do in Belize, from exploring the Mayan Ruins orContinue reading “Top 10 Tours to Book in Belize”

11 Best Things to Do in Belize

Belize faces the Caribbean Sea and is in Central America. The country is home to incredible Mayan ruins and the second largest coral reef. The natural beauty is one of the main reasons to visit Belize, as there are beautiful beaches, mountains, waterfalls, and caves to explore. Before we dive deeper into our blog filled with the 11 best thingsContinue reading “11 Best Things to Do in Belize”

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