Top 10 Things to Do in Montreal

Top 10 Things to Do in Montreal

Montreal in Canada is a French-speaking country founded in 1642. Montreal is the cultural capital of Canada. The cobblestone streets throughout the city make you feel like you are in a European country. I have been to Montreal twice in both the winter and summer. Both times were completely different experiences. That is why visiting a specific place once is not enough! My favorite part about this unique city is the kind, warm-hearted people, cute restaurants to try, and shops to explore! Listed below are the top 10 things to do in Montreal.

#1: Notre Dame Basilica-

The Notre Dame Basilica is the first Gothic Revival style church in Canada. The Basilica is a confection of stained glass.

2. Maison Bagatelle

Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and dessert at Maison Bagatelle. Not only are their Crêpes delicious, but this unique place is a picture-perfect Instagram-able location. Truly a hot spot for photos because it is designed from head to toe with beautiful, artsy décor.

3. Shopping in Montreal

If you know me, you know I love BARGAIN shopping and viewing art pieces. In Montreal, not only can you find some of the best deals, but you can also witness beautiful paintings and art pieces.

4. Montreal Botanical Garden

Top 10 Things to Do in Montreal

The 190-acre Botanical Gardens are home to 22,000 species of flora. They also have a section specifically known as the Japanese Garden, where they showcase designs from the 14th to 17th century Ming Dynasty. The price is $16.00 for adults and is at 4101 Rue Sherbrooke E.

5. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts-

 The Montreal Museum of Fine Art has been around for 150 years with an impressive assortment of international works and local pieces from Canada. This place is at 1380 Rue Sherbrooke O and costs $17.50 for adults.

6. Jean Talon Market-

This market is one of the oldest markets in North America and located a block or so off Boulevard Saint-Laurent.

7. Parc du Mont-Royal-

Parc du Mont-Royal is a park that sits 761 ft over central Montreal.

8. St. Joseph’s Oratory-

This free church to visit is designed in a Italian Renaissance style with a copper dome rising 318 feet high.

9. Museums

The best museums to visit in Montreal include the Holocaust Museum and the Museum of Archaeology and History.

10. Old Montreal Ghost Walking Tour-

Top 10 Things to Do in Montreal

This Old Montreal Ghost Walking Tour is for you if you love getting scared and all things spooky. You will be overwhelmed by the stories of criminals, witchcraft and grim events that haunt the city streets.

I hope this blog post helps you on your next visit or first to Montreal. We listed the top 10 things to do in Montreal. Please comment below if you have been to Montreal because I would love to hear about your experience!!

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