8 Tips for Visiting Antelope Canyon

8 Tips for Visiting Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon. WOW! There are no words to describe the beauty of this natural rock formation! I am in disbelief that places like the Antelope Canyon exist. I am in awe over how incredibly picturesque and magical the canyon truly is. The smooth wavy sandstone walls formed throughout millions of years of water erosion. Below are 8 tips for visiting Antelope Canyon.

Where is the Antelope Canyon?

The Antelope Canyon is a hidden gem located 8 miles from Page, Arizona, where your trip begins with your Navajo guide, as you are not allowed to go without a guide and must book a tour! Navajo Guided tours into the Upper Antelope Canyon begin at their office at 22 South Lake Powell Boulevard, near the intersection of Lake Powell Boulevard and North Navajo Drive in the heart of Page, AZ.

How was it made?antelope11.jpg

The Antelope canyon was carved by the same waters that flowed into the Colorado River and carved the Grand Canyon. This natural site, now an extreme tourist destination, was discovered by a Navajo girl accidentally in 1931.

When is the best time to visit?antelope1.jpg

March through October is the best time to visit due to the fact that the strong light beams can be seen shining through when the sun is highest. They are open year-round.

8 Tips for Visiting the Antelope Canyon

1. Navajo Tribal Parks Authority state that you can only visit Antelope Canyon with a Navajo guide!

2. There are two Antelope Canyons: The lower and the upper (The lower is more narrow and the upper is more accessible with the entry point being on ground level)

3. Mind the TIMEZONE! Navajo territory follows Daylight Saving Time (DST) during summer. Most areas in Arizona do not. That means it’s one hour earlier on the Navajo reservation.

4. Book Your Tour DIRECTLY from their website, as you can get ripped off if you go through Trip Advisor or Expedia unless they take you to other locations and provide food. BOOK HERE! Email: tours@antelopecanyon.com Phone: 855-574-9102

5. There are two tours available, one being a sightseeing tour, which is the tour I happened to go on, and the other being a photographic tour.


Adult $60.00 (ages 13 & up)

Child $50.00 (ages 8-12 years)

Child $42.00 (ages 0-7 years)

**11:30 AM rates:

Adult $75.00 (ages 13 years & up)

Child $65.00 (ages 8-12 years)

Child $57.00 (ages 0-7 years)

RATES INCLUDE Navajo Tribal Park entrance fees and local taxes.

7. Bring water and DO NOT forget a camera for incredible picturesque photos!

8. The website stated you are not allowed to bring tripods, selfie sticks, bags or purses, strollers, hydration packs, drones, or pets!

Is the trip worth it?!

YES. 10/10 HIGHLY recommend adding Antelope Canyon to your bucket list and you WILL NOT regret it. This has been one of the best experiences of my life. However, I do recommend to live in the moment for some of it versus constantly taking pictures, because there is no other place like it in the world, and I have noticed people weren’t really LOOKING deeply into the site, but rather taking a million photos and videos. So my advice would be- to be PRESENT. For the present moment is the only place where life exists!

Have you visited the Antelope Canyon?

Did you enjoy your stay in Arizona?

Please let me know in the comment section below:)

XOXO, Ashley Sivan Bonner

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