Top 10 Lookout Points in the Grand Canyon

Top 10 Lookout Points in the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see in your lifetime, especially at sunset. Below are the top ten lookout points in the Grand Canyon!

My Experience:

In May of 2019, I went to the Grand Canyon at a few different epic lookouts. Visiting the Grand Canyon was one of the most amazing experiences of my life because I was staring into millions of years of history at sunset. I was able to see Mather Point as well as the Horseshoe bend. Both places are beautiful, and I am grateful I completed this bucket list item in a short weekend trip to Arizona.

How was the Grand Canyon Formed?

The canyon was formed naturally by dirt, mud, and water carving through the Colorado River.

#1: Horseshoe Bend-

We saw Horseshoe Bend before visiting the Antelope Canyon because it is 19 minutes away! This breathtaking, scenic overlook of the Colorado River is 4,200 feet above sea level. The river is 3,200 feet above sea level, and the view is a 1,000-foot drop. The Horseshoe Bend rock walls have a variety of materials like platinum and garnet. Read my tips for visiting the Antelope Canyon.

#2: Grand-view Point-

Grand-view Point is the highest point on the south rim at 7,400 feet tall. Narrow trails lead up to the magnificent lookout. This view overlooks dense forests and the Horseshoe Mesa.

#3: Yaki Point-

Yaki point was the first ever documented viewpoint of the east rim. The South Kaibab Trail leads to the Colorado River. Phantom Ranch leads to both Wotan’s Throne and Vishnu Temple, both popular Grand Canyon Sites.

#4: Lookout Studio-

The Lookout Studio is at the edge near the Bright Angel Lodge on the south rim. The studio provides panoramic photo opportunities.

#5: Yavapai Point-

Yavapai point is on the south rim and offers views of both the North Kaibab and Bright Angel Trails. There is an array of observation scopes with information tidbits along the trails.

#6: Mather Point-


We saw Mather Point as the sun was setting, and it was nothing short of incredible. Located along the South Rim, this point is a view you do not want to miss. Vishnu Temple and the Temple of Zoroaster are near this lookout.

#7: Moran Point-

Moran Point gives you stunning views of the Red Canyon and the Hakatai Rapids. The rapids are a famous stretch of white water overlooking a geological formation of a Sinking Ship.

#8: Desert View and Watchtower-

These structures were constructed in 1932 by Mary Colter. The tower blends into the landscape and provides fantastic views of where the river turns west from the southern-oriented canyon section.

#9: Ooh Aah Point-



To get to the Ooh Aah Point, you hike down a 1.8-mile trail. The trail is on the south rim.

#10. Point Imperial:

This lookout overlooks the eastern Grand Canyon and is the highest on the North Rim.

BONUS: Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls, in Grand Canyon, has turquoise-color natural pools and a gorgeous waterfall. It is a magical, beautiful oasis worth seeing.

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? We listed the top ten lookout points in the Grand Canyon. Please comment down below about your experience!

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