5 Reasons to Visit Santorini, Greece

5 Reasons to Visit Santorini, Greece

Santorini, a volcanic Greek island, is one of the most breathtaking places I have ever been to. Santorini is a dream destination because it has incredible landscapes and awesome things to do. Below are 5 reasons to visit Santorini, Greece.

Fun Facts:

  • Santorini is in the southern Aegean Sea
  • 2 million tourists visit every year
  • There is little rain on the island all year, with the result that wine is more abundant than water
Oia, Santorini

My Experience:  I enjoyed exploring the unique white and blue villages surrounded by beautiful deep blue waters. I am grateful that I was able to see this beautiful island in September 2019 with my best friend, Ariana. We had a wonderful time as we got to experience a bunch of fun activities that I will list below, try the traditional Greek food, meet the locals, and learn about their history and culture. So, without further ado, let’s dive deeper into why you should add Santorini to your bucket list!

1- Sunsets

Oia, Santorini

Oia is a town located in Santorini with some of the best sunsets. This place is especially magical because it has stunning views of the water. There are restaurants and bars to try, and also unique boutiques to go shopping. Ari and I were lucky enough to witness the infamous sunset while enjoying a glass of Greek wine and dessert at a traditional Greek restaurant. Santorini has been producing wine since ancient times. The red wine is less desired. Give their white or sparkling wine a try! The most famous wine is Assyrtiko, a dry white wine that pairs well with seafood.

2- Beaches

Red Beach in Santorini, Greece

There are many different beaches to swim at in Santorini. Two famous beaches to visit are Red Beach and Perissa Beach. The beaches are volcanic, which means they will have black or red rocks. The beaches tend to be very hot over the feet. The atmosphere is unique and one I recommend.

They have a boat that comes every fifteen-minutes from the Red Beach to the White Beach. As I stated previously, there is no white sand in Greece. This beach is called ‘White Beach’ due to the fact that it has gigantic white cliffs surrounding the water.

Perissa Beach in Santorini, Greece

If getting into the water is your idea of a great time, then a trip to Perissa Beach is for you. There are a variety of water sports you can experience, including waterskiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, or riding on a banana boat. Perissa Beach is the main center for water sports.

3- The Charming Villages

Santorini is built on the rim of an old, extinct volcano. The effect makes the island unique because the towns tend to be steep and down a hillside. Minimalist design, blue roofs, and white walls are incorporated throughout the Greek islands to protect their homes from heat. The colors create a surreal and intriguing place to wonder. The villages are very spiritual because every house has a private chapel. They all have a combination of white and sky-blue roofs. The religion practiced is Greek Orthodox. A small percentage practice Catholicism. Every corner brings something new for a photographer, from its iconic whitewashed buildings to the rich blue of the sea surrounding it.

4- Archaeology

If you are fascinated by archaeology, then a tour at the Ancient Akrotiri is for you to experience. History lovers will be intrigued by what you can discover by visiting this museum. This archaeological zone is a small 3,600-year-old village occupied since 5000 BC. You will see buildings once covered in meters of lava and destroyed due to the volcanic explosion. The buildings were rebuilt and now the city is in great condition even after thousands of years.

5- Things to Do


There are many things to do in Santorini, including swimming at the volcanic beaches, exploring the unique villages, visiting the local wineries, and going on a boat tour.

Santorini Tours:

Boat Tour: There are a few better ways to take in the beauty of Santorini and the caldera than to take a memorable boat trip. Both private and shared tours are available around the caldera. Watching the cliff-top villages, churches, and lighthouses from the water are sights that you do not want to miss. This Catamaran cruise tour includes snorkeling as well as food and drinks!

-Horseback Riding: This horseback riding tour has been operating since 1997 and takes you to scenic views along the beach!

-Winery Tour: Visit three different wineries with this wine-tasting tour in Santorini!

Have you been to Santorini, Greece? Is this place on your bucket list? We listed 5 reasons to visit Santorini, Greece. Comment below your experience! I hope you have a lovely rest of your day and safe future travels.


Ashley Bonner

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Photos from My Experience:

Perissa Beach

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