4 Reasons to Visit Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, has stunning architecture and kind, warm-hearted people. If you love learning about history and experiencing a new culture, visiting this unique destination should be on your bucket list. Below we list 4 reasons to visit Edinburgh.

My Experience:

I highly recommend exploring Edinburgh, as it felt like a fairytale as we wandered through the old buildings and cobblestone streets! I truly loved every second, from the mini black taxis to the live street music, red telephone boxes, and castles we explored. I even got to hold an owl! I wish we had more time there, as we had only 24 hours to spend in this city. Listed below are four reasons to visit Edinburgh, Scotland!

1-The History

Edinburgh is rich in history because it dates back to Roman times. The city consists of unique, historic places, including Edinburgh Castle, The Royal Mile, and The New Town.

Edinburgh Castle

The Edinburgh Castle dates back to the 12th century and stands on top of an extinct volcano. The castle has several museums, including a Royal Palace where you can see some of the oldest crown jewels. You can stop at a point where you can see the Witches’ Well. The Witches’ Well is where they suspect witches burned. Another place within the castle to see is the apartment where Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to her son.

The Royal Mile

The Royal Mile is known as The Old Town and is about a mile-long street between the Castle and Holyrood House. The cobblestone street is home to tourist shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs, churches, and parliaments.

 The New Town is another beautiful place to roam in that it consists of Georgian architecture. Be sure to visit Calton Hill, as it is the best viewpoint for different, unique monuments.

2- The Festivals

Festivals in Edinburgh

2. The Festivals. There are tons of festivals in Edinburgh. The city goes all out in celebrating them. Popular festivals celebrated include the Mela Festival and the Fringe Festival. The Mela Festival occurs in the fall, where they celebrate a mix of international cultures and cuisines. The Fringe Festival is the largest art festival in the world. This festival sold 1.9 million tickets in 2011.

3- The Highland Views and Hikes

Edinburgh has lush green colors surrounding the city and is perfect for the outdoorsy type of people who love to be at one with nature. If you are up for a beautiful walk, go to Arthur’s Seat, an area that is a part of Holyrood Park and sits 251 meters above sea level.

4- The Food

 In Edinburgh, you can find worldwide cuisines. If you want to go to a Scottish pub where you can indulge in authentic local food, check out the Halfway House. You have to go to the farmer’s markets where you can grab a tasty, affordable lunch. Two markets in Edinburgh to see are the Stockbridge Market and Edinburgh’s Farmers Markets. The Edinburgh Farmers Market is only open on the weekends.

Have you visited Edinburgh? Comment below your experience!

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