7 Tips for Swimming with Whale Sharks

7 Tips for Swimming with Whale Sharks

Bucket List #6: Swim with Whale Sharks (I swam with Whale Sharks in the Philippines in June 2017)


Whale Sharks are the largest fish in the sea, as they reach lengths of 40 feet and weigh up to 60 tons. They are harmless creatures, as they feed on squid or fish and would not harm people. Did you know whale sharks have 3,000 tiny teeth less than 6mm long? They do not use those teeth to eat. Swimming with them is a life-changing experience; however, you must follow the rules and be responsible. Below are 7 tips for swimming with Whale Sharks in the Philippines.


My Experience:  

Swimming with these gentle giants was the ultimate underwater experience. I will never forget watching these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. As I was swimming, I noticed they stretched longer than an entire group of divers. The giant mouths are 3 to 5 feet. I was surprised when our guide told us that these sharks were just babies. The breathtaking experience took 30 minutes, and it was so cool to see these gray giants stalling water and food so close up.

Tip #1:

It costs 1,000PHP per person to snorkel. Snorkeling gear and your life jacket are in the cost.


Tip #2:

Stay close to your boat and stay a minimum of 4m from the shark. Whale sharks are moving between boats, which means you are guaranteed to see them. You do not need to be a fantastic swimmer to experience this.

Tip #3:

Bring your GoPro. If you do not have a camera, do not worry because they have professional cameras for hire.

Tip #4:

 Do not wear sunscreen because the chemicals are not okay for whale sharks.

Tip #5:

Visit early in the morning, as the attraction ends mid-day. Wake up around 5:30 am to 6 am to get to the whale sharks on time.

Tip #6:

Stay in Oslob the night before to guarantee that you make it on time. Listen to the instructor before swimming with the sharks.


Tip #7:

Don’t touch or feed the whales because it might cause them stress.

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