Tips for Completing Canyoneering in Badian, Cebu, Philippines

Bucket List #9: Complete Canyoneering in Badian, Cebu, Philippines   ((Completed June 2017))


The Philippines have many opportunities to experience incredible waterfalls and unbelievable landscapes. Canyoneering is one way you can. Canyoneering is a popular outdoor thirty minute adventure. Tourists travel by climbing, jumping, and swimming down creeks and streams within the canyon. The turquoise colored streams essentially lead to Kawasan Falls.

Kawasan Falls


Canyoneering is located in Badian. Badian is in the southwest of Cebu. Take a bus from the south terminal in Cebu City. This trip will cost 120 PHP. Buses going south will be heading to Bato. Take the route to Barelli.

Badian, Cebu, Phillipines

How to Book Your Trip?

There are over 20 organizations who run tours through the same route. Whichever organization that you choose you will have an unbelievable experience, however personally I recommend booking through a company entitled Kawasan Canyoneering. They have AMAZING tour guides! I am very thankful for our tour guides because if it weren’t for them I probably would not have made it.



Address: 6021 Badian, Cebu, Phillipines

GOPR4432 (1).jpgQuick Tips:

  1.  The tour costs 1,500PHP
  2. Breakfast, safety gear, snacks, tour guides, and a motorbike up the mountain are included in the entire rate.DCIM125GOPROGOPR4421.JPG
  3. Bring an EXTRA bottled water
  4. DO NOT look at statistics of how many people died
  5. Take a GoPro, as there are some EPIC views to be captured!
  6. There is a BBQ halfway down the mountain. They have hotdogs, chicken, and sausage. Your tour guide will pay for you to eat. Trust me.Badian-Canyoneering-at-Kawasan-Falls-Cebu-Philippines-Wheres-Mollie-A-Travel-and-Adventure-Lifestyle-Blog-21.jpg
  7. It is an extra 300PHP to get on the Bamboo Raft taken under the waterfall at the end of the adventure in Kawasan Falls! We decided to go for it and take the raft.

My Experience:

In June of 2017, I completed Canyoneering in Badian, Cebu, Philippines. Once we arrived we were provided with breakfast, which was included in the rate of the entire canyoneering adventure. Breakfast in the Philippines is not your traditional American eggs and pancakes, it contains rice and meat. After having the traditional meal, we took a thrilling motorbike ride up the mountain. The views up the mountain were insane.

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 7.35.50 PM.pngDCIM125GOPROGOPR4435.JPGFinally we began hiking down canyoneering. This was one of the most scariest experiences of my life, as it was raining. Hiking down the mountain was extremely dangerous due to the slippery and muddy rocks. The fact that there was only one rope to hold onto at times and that I had previously broke my tibula, fibula, and fractured my ankle back in 2013, made it all more difficult to be sturdy during the hike. Not to mention, I am naturally VERY clumsy. Essentially, my anxiety was up the roof and for clumsy people, like myself, I do not recommend completing canyoneering. Personally, I would never do this ever again.

During this trip down the mountain, we saw a man who broke his leg. We didn’t ask about how it happened, as we didn’t want to freak out and be overwhelmed not only for him, but for us and completing the trip. BUT I WAS FREAKED OUT!!!! Thankfully, the staff came to help carry him back up the canyon.

I am very thankful for our tour guides because if it weren’t for them I probably would not have made it. The best part of this experience was jumping into the cliffs, as the water was extremely cold and refreshing. I also felt a sense of accomplishment once I made it to the point where we were able to cliff jump into the clear waters. Jumping gave me a feeling of relief, as well as a chance to breathe and relax throughout the difficult journey.

Have you ever been Canyoneering in the Philippines?

What did you think and where did you do it? I would love to know!

Thank you for reading!





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