6 Reasons to Visit the Negev Desert

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Amram's Pillars, Negev Desert, Israel

6 Reasons to Visit the Negev Desert

The Negev Desert is a hidden gem in the southern region of Israel, covering over half of Israel’s total land. More and more tourists from all over the world have discovered this magical destination in recent years. Did you know that the Negev was named one of Lonely Planet’s TOP World Regions to visit!? Below are 6 reasons to visit the Negev Desert!

My Experience:


My mom is from Tel Aviv, Israel, and moved to America in her early twenties with her sister. She was planning on moving back to Israel, but she met my father and had four beautiful daughters.

Our Trip:

My mother and I visited the stunning spiritual desert in November of 2016. We came back to visit the holy land to see family. We stayed at my Uncle Natan’s. He is happily married to four beautiful girls, built his own home, and owns a pizza shop. It was a magical experience because the desert is peaceful and the people who made it so special.


Reason #1: There are TONS of Hiking Trails in Negev Desert

The Negev consists of countless trails that are marked very well. All hikes are accessible through either a bus or a car. View all the hiking options out there on the Negev Trails website. My favorite hike I highly recommend was ‘En Avedat’ National Park. This beautiful hiking trail contains waterfalls and is in the heart of the Negev south of Kibbutz She Boker.

Reason #2: Extremely CheapMoney Eng 917X483.jpg

Since hiking is safe and accessible in the desert, you do not need a tour guide.

Reason #3: The Weather is AMAZINGIMG_6929.jpg

The weather is perfect for hiking year-round!

Reason #4: Spiritual Experience

There is something about looking into the landscape without any trees or plants covering it. It’s just you. Some people say they can only hear themselves, while others say they hear god. Most people come to see the beautiful views with questions about their own problems. However, once they see these breathtaking mountains that have been around for long before we even existed, they soon realize that the problems they are going through are not as big as they seem. They are quite small.

Reason #5: Cultural Experience

Exploring the desert is truly a cultural experience, as the Nabateans and Romans once roamed the land to the Bedouins today. The desert also has interesting historical sites relating to the history of Israel.

Historical Site #1: Timna National Park has the world’s oldest copper mines.

Historical Site #2: Kibbutz Sde Boker- House of David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister

Historical Site #3: Shivta- Preserved ancient Nabatean City located across the border in Jordan. This place has never been conquered or destroyed.

Reason #6: Natural Beauty. 

The magical desert looks different every time you look into it and is well known for its natural and unique beauty. The sunset and sunrise are stunning. I cannot even put how I felt into words or capture how tremendous the view was. I will post a photo; however, it is not as good as the real thing. Try to imagine: 1,000 times more beautiful and a million times more powerful in real life. I bet you have never seen a more stunning night sky.

Reason #7: There ARE more things to do than you think

Ride a Camel-

This is a great way to savor the scenery and experience the Negev. Places to ride a camel are Camel LandBeerotayimKfar HaNodkim, and Eilat Camel Farm. 

 Meet an Alpaca-

The Alpaca farm contains over 400 llamas and alpacas. The farm is near Mitzpeh Ramon. Kids can pet, feed, and even ride the animals.

Biking Trails-

There are countless cycling routes in the Negev! There are routes suitable if you are looking for a real terrain challenge or for a more leisurely experience. 


The view of the stars at night is unbelievable, as there are no artificial lights in the area. Every star and constellation shine brightly. Stargazing is a beautiful, relaxing, peaceful, and spiritual experience.sky_constellations_night_desert_mountain_sand.jpg

Hike Masada-

The unique fortress is one of Israel’s most visited sites. This ancient rock plateau is famous for housing a fortress built by King Herod the Great. This site is known for the legendary tale of Jewish rebels who committed mass suicide rather than surrender to the Romans. masada-sunrise.jpg

Mud Houses-

There are Mediterranean Mud houses built on the Kibbutz tael Israel by our family friends. The friendly homeowners made their homes look comfortable with lovely showers. Did you know you can stay in one of these mud houses and enjoy a FREE breakfast? IMG_1753.jpg

Dead Sea-

The Dead Sea is located along the border between Israel and Jordan and is also known as the sea of salt, as no fish can survive in the salty water. One can float naturally in the dead sea due to the salty water. FUN FACT: The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth! dc2e91337af6ee95971d0334c085e5b0-dead-sea.jpg

Go Camping-

I highly recommend camping in the desert because it is peaceful. I went camping in the desert on the birthright trip with my sister, Danielle, in 2013. The company has tents set up for sleeping with rugs and mattresses. They have bonfires and the main tent for breakfast and dinner. The place is isolated and relaxing. img_0439edbl.jpg530631_4612932074021_1134305950_n.jpg

If you LOVED this blog post, please let me know in the comment section below. We wrote down 6 reasons to visit the Negev Desert! Have you ever been to the Negev Desert?

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