Florida Bachelorette Weekend Itinerary

Florida Bachelorette Weekend Itinerary It is always great when a friend or family member finds someone to spend the rest of their life with. Not only do they have their best friend, but also the love of their life through thick and thin. They will have someone behind them in sickness and health. With aContinue reading “Florida Bachelorette Weekend Itinerary”

12 Best Things to Do in Florida

Florida is your go-to beach vacation to escape the cold. There are so many things to do in Florida, as you can relax at the pool or beach or go on an airboat tour to see alligators. Not only will you find exhilarating water sports, but you will also be able to try an abundanceContinue reading “12 Best Things to Do in Florida”

Tips for Air Boating Across Alligator-Infested Florida Waters

Tips for Air Boating Across Alligator Infested Florida Waters Bucket List #2: Airboat Across an Alligator Infested Swamp  ((Completed in May of 2018 at the Everglades National Park in Florida)) The Everglades National Park is the third largest national park in the US at 2,500 square miles. This national park is an alligator-infested slow-moving swampContinue reading “Tips for Air Boating Across Alligator-Infested Florida Waters”

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