How to Spend One Week in St. Lucia

How to Spend One Week in St. Lucia

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St. Lucia will be a relaxing vacation, where you can swim at uncrowded beaches with unbelievable views you might not get every day. This itinerary is for if you are staying in Castries at the Bel Jou Hotel. Below is how to spend one week in St. Lucia.

Where to Stay? 

Bel Jou Hotel in Castries

We stayed at the all-inclusive adults-only Bel Jou Hotel. You can swim in the pool, enjoy a cocktail, relax in your bungalow, go to the spa, or take a yoga class at the hotel!

Fun Facts:

-Adults Only
-Caribbean-styled rooms and bungalows
-2 Pools
-Rooftop Terrace Bar and Dining with Incredible 360 degree views
-Coffee Shop
-3 Restaurants
-Gym and Fitness Classes
-Unlimited Food and Drinks

Address: La Pansee Rd, Castries St. Lucia

Day 1: Relax, Unwind, and Unpack-

On your first day in St. Lucia, we recommend unpacking and settling into your hotel. We picked an all-inclusive hotel so you can enjoy all you can eat and drink at your hotel. If your flight lands early, do not forget to catch the sunset, enjoy a cocktail at the rooftop bar, or swim at the pool or beach!

Day 2: Beach and Pool Day-

On your first full day in St. Lucia, we recommend relaxing. It is, after all, a beach and pool vacation with unlimited margaritas, pina coladas, mudslides, and strawberry daiquiris! The beach closest to the hotel is Vigie Beach. Other beaches in Castries are Reduit beach, La Toc beach and Malabar beach.

Day 3: Snorkeling and Self-Drive Boat Day

Spending day three going SNORKELING will be the time of your life! Who does not love swimming with incredible creatures underwater? You will also get to drive a boat! St Lucia has calm and clear waters, so do not forget to bring an underwater camera or a Go Pro.

Day 4: ALL IN ONE St. Lucia Tour

You will see SOOOO many incredible sites in St. Lucia on this tour!

  • Visit the Sulphur Springs and Mudbath
  • Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Botanical Gardens and Diamond Falls
  • See the majestic Pitons, St. Lucia’s twin towering peaks
  • Take a dip at Toraille’s breathtaking waterfall
Drive in Volcano

Drive in Volcano: The first stop on the tour is the only drive-in volcano in the world. You can witness a bubbling steam crater through the windows of the car. Of course, you can get out and take a photo! The volcanos are how St. Lucia formed. 

Mud Bath: After going to the drive-in volcano, you can stop at the infamous mud bath, where you slather the volcanic mud all over your body. Post mud bath, you can relax at the Sulphur Hot Springs, where you can take your time soaking it off. The hot water from the natural minerals at the Sulphur Hot Springs is relaxing. Hot springs are said to heal your body!

Pitons: The Pitons are a famous landmark that is hard to miss in St. Lucia. They are two mountainous volcanos that are around a half a mile high.

Toraille’s Waterfall: Do not forget your swimsuit because you can go for a swim at Toraille’s Waterfall!

Botanical Gardens and Diamond Falls: The gardens are a relaxing place to spend your time in Saint Lucia.

You can swim in mineral water for an extra fee. The mineral water will make you feel BETTER afterwards. You will also see the incredible Diamond Falls.

Book this excursion from Castries! 

Day 5: Beach or Pool Day and Distillery Rum Tour

Reduit Beach in St Lucia

As I stated previously, this is a RELAXING vacation, so you do not have to wake up early on day five. You can go to the beach and pool. The beach closest to the hotel is Vigie Beach. If you are down to explore other beaches in the area visit Reduit Beach, a nine-minute drive from Vigie Beach, or Marigot Bay, a twenty-minute drive from Vigie Beach. Reduit Beach is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, as the water is clear, calm, and bright blue. 

person poring cocktail on clear drinking glass
Photo by Magda Ehlers on

After you have spent your morning at the beach or pool, we recommend going on a Rum Distillery tour. Tasting some of the finest rum in the Caribbean will be an experience to remember. The Rum Tasting tour will teach you about the distillery process at local businesses!

Day 6: Zip Line or ATV Tour

On your sixth day in St. Lucia, you can spend it how you want. If you prefer to stay at the all-inclusive resort, be my guest; however, below are a few more tour options you can add to your St. Lucia Trip.

ATV: Driving an ATV is an adrenaline-filled adventure to add to your St. Lucia bucket list. The ATV tour provides transportation and will pick you up from Castries. You will drive an ATV through the tropical forest of St. Lucia.

woman riding on a zip line
Photo by Son Tung Tran on

Zipline: What better way to see the Rainforest in St. Lucia than zip lining through it? Zip Lining is a fun activity that anyone can enjoy, especially if you love the adrenaline rush and are not afraid of heights. Book Your Zip Line Tour from Castries!

Day 7: Fly Home

jet cloud landing aircraft
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We shared how to spend one week in St. Lucia. Have you ever been to St. Lucia? Please comment below about your experience:)

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