10 Bucket List Things to Do in the Northern Hemisphere

10 Bucket List Things to Do in the Northern Hemisphere

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The Northern Hemisphere is half of the Earth north of the Equator. Below are 10 bucket list things to do in the Northern Hemisphere!

1: Discover Brussels Grand Place-

Discover Brussels Grand Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where you will find cobblestone streets, baroque buildings, and historic appeal back to the 12th century.

2: Stroll Along a Beautiful Garden called Jardin de Monet in Giverny, France-

Monet once pondered through the gardens of France and painted famous water lily paintings, inspiring him to create one of the MOST beautiful gardens in the world today known as Jardin de Monet. You will have the most joyous time as you relax on a park bench, feel the breeze hit your face, and listen to the sounds of the birds.

3: Reenact the Sound of Music on Tyrolean Mountain in Austria-

Austria is stunning, home to beautiful mountains and landscapes. Maria, who plays Julia Andrews, sings The Hills Are Alive with the sound of music in this exact location.

4: See Romania’s Painted Monastery-

Sucevita Monastery, in Moldavia, Romania, is a visual delight featuring Byzantine art and religion. The 19 ft high walls are covered with beautiful art and murals is a sight you do not want to miss.

5: Paddle on a Traditional Polish Flatboat Through Pieniny National Park in Poland-

Paddling along on a traditional flatboat to take in the beautiful scenery at Dunajec Gorge at Pieniny National Park is an experience you won’t forget. The cliffs rise more than 1,000 ft and are INCREDIBLE.

6: Stay at the Cambrian Hotel to See the Swiss Alps in Switzerland-

The Swiss Alps are quite STUNNING and what better way to see them than from an infinity pool overlooking them at the Cambrian Hotel?

7: Ice Sculptures at Ice City in Harbin, China-

Okay, so you might be wondering an ICE CITY?! That cannot be possible. Well, it is. In Harbin, China, there is a COLD, COLD winter. They have turned their freezing winter into an Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, where 15,000 workers make full-size buildings of ICE. You will find exhibits like temples, famous landmarks, and illuminated works that light up at night! The thought that the sculptures will melt is mind-blowing!

8: Hike Mount Fuji in Honshu Island, Japan-

Mount Fuji is visible above Tokyo and is Japan’s highest peak at 12,389 feet. You can climb the mountain from early July to September.

9: Attend the Fuji Rock Festival at Naeba Ski Resort in Niigata Prefecture, Japan-

The Fuji Rock Festival is in the beautiful Japanese Alps with good music and great vibes! It is a 3-day event with more than 200 Japanese and international musicians.

10: Go to Ashikaga Flower Park in April-

The best time to see the beautiful scented flowers called the wisteria canopy is from April to June in Ashikaga, Japan. You will find millions of purple, white, or pink petals glowing.

We listed 10 bucket list things to do in the Northern Hemisphere. Please comment below about the adventure you will now add to your list.

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