The Ultimate Bucket List

The Ultimate Bucket List

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A bucket list will give you things to look forward to and a reason to work hard at your job. It is great to make one if you are feeling down and not motivated. I created this bucket list to inspire you!


Be a bridesmaid-

Celebrating love and being by your best friend’s or family member’s side at their wedding will be one of the best moments of your life that you will remember forever!

-Take mom on the vacation of her dreams-

We would not be here today without our mom, and what better way to give back to her for all she has done than taking her on a vacation of her dreams?

-Girl’s Trip-

Best friends are like stars. You can’t always see them, but you know they’re always there. Plan a girl’s trip to see your best friends who might not live in the same state to catch up and make new memories!

-Go on your favorite road trip with your favorite people-

Life is meant for good friends and great adventures. Go on a trip of your lifetime down ROUTE 66 or anywhere near you! I wrote about an entire itinerary you can follow from Nevada to Colorado. You stop at Bryce Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Zion National Park, and the Grand Canyon along the way! Read the blog!


-Have a baby-

Having a child will take you back to all those parts of your childhood that you had hidden away. A child will give you life purpose and happiness. Happiness does not result from what we get from others; but from what we give to others.

-Live in your dream home-

To be honest, the most important part of creating your dream home is that it is filled with love and feels cozy!

Kiss under the fireworks-

Well, isn’t that romantic? The best fireworks in the world occur on the 4th of July and the New Year. Read 6 Best Countries to Celebrate the New Year and 5 Places to Celebrate the 4th of July!

Drive-in Movie-

Outdoor drive-in movies are a fun experience that I highly recommend, especially with someone you love.

Marry the love of your life

Life is a game, and love is a prize. What a great feeling it is when you find the person that you know your meant to be with for the rest of your life.

Relaxation/ Self-Care:

-Go to a Spa-

A spa day is necessary to relax your body, calm your mind, and renew your spirit.

-Read a Book-

Reading travel themed books is a great way to get inspiration and prepare for your next trip! Read 4 best travel books to inspire you for your next trip!

-Light Scented Candles-

Scented candles instantly can put you in a better mood!

-Paint and Sip Class

How much fun does it sound to paint on a canvas whilst drinking wine at Muse Paint Bar? They offer classes all over the states. View the schedule.

-Hot Tub-

There is nothing quite like sitting in a hot tub during the cold, winter months.

-Hot Springs-

Relaxing in natural hot springs is a unique experience to be added to your bucket list.

-Keep a Journal for all 365 Days of the Year-

Journaling is good for your mental health. Read our reasons to start journaling.

-Have a box full of memories-

The best way to look back at precious moments in your life is to create a memory box. How do you make a memory box? Put old theatre or movie tickets, flight tickets, first pair of ballet shoes, souvenirs, birthday cards, certificates, and photos in a box! Pretty much anything that you have that is significant enough to put into a box.

-Make a Scrapbook-

A scrapbook is another way to reminisce on the highlights of your life. It is also a super fun, creative outlet.

-Plant Succulents-

Planting succulents in your home adds fresh oxygen to your environment.

-Make a Playlist-

A playlist is a great way to keep your favorite songs and music in one place! There are no limits on how many playlists you can make on Spotify.


-Learn How to Play an Instrument

Did you know? Learning an instrument is one of the best ways to keep your brain healthy. It engages every major part of the central nervous system.

-Start a new hobby-

Hobbies can bring us joy and allows us to learn a new skill. There are so many to select from. A hobby can be physical, like running, hiking, yoga, sports, dancing, or fitness related to creative oriented, like taking art classes, music lessons, painting, baking, cooking, or cerebral like reading.

-Learn a new language-

The best way to learn a new language is to watch tv in the language you want to learn or to take lessons from Duolingo.


-Alligator Airboat Tour-

American Alligators have one of the most powerful bites ever recorded of a living animal. I highly recommend going on an airboat tour across an Alligator Infested Swamp, as it is truly a unique experience. Learn more here!

-Feed a giraffe
-Feed a Crocodile
-Hold a baby kangaroo
-Hold an exotic Bird (owl)

-Meet a baby lion

-Dog Sledding
-Meet a Wolf
-Goat Yoga
-Hold a Monkey

-Meet a baby Alpaca
-Hug a Koala Bear
-Snorkeling and Scuba Diving
-Whale Watching
-Watch baby turtles hatch


-Campfire on the Beach
-Experience a New Culture
-Wax Museum
-Witness a Solar Eclipse
-Enjoy Wine on a Sailboat
-Night Swimming
-Go to the Aiport and Buy tickets for a random flight
-Motorcycle Ride
-Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands
-Rope Swing into Water
-Build a Treehouse
-Cat Cafe
-Set foot on all seven continents
-Hang Gliding
-Sky Diving
-Paddle Boarding
-Sea Bob Snorkeling
-Cliff Jumping
-Infinite Pool
-Wrap a Snake Around Your Neck
-Do things on my bucket list (ACTUALLY)
-Run through a field of sunflowers
-Ride in a transparent boat
-Explore a cave
-Stay in an underwater hotel
-Bungee Jumping
-Have a picnic
-Go flyboarding
-Visit a castle
-Water Tubing
-Dog Sledding
-Horseback Riding
-White water rafting
-Learn how to surf
-Ride in a hot air balloon
-Visit a Chocolate Factory
-Travel the World
-Go on a crazy Rollercoaster Ride
-Dance in the rain
-Watch the sunrise at the beach
-Lunar Eclipse
-Visit a trampoline Park
-Spend the day at a waterpark
-Walk on a Glacier
-Sleep in a Hostel
-Experience Weightlessness
-Drink at an Ice Bar
-Ride Bikes on the Beach
-Be in two places at once
-Water Trampoline
-Ride a jet ski
-Go zip lining
-Sing karaoke in public
-See a ballet
-Illusion Museum

Food/ Drinks:

-Cooking Class

-Food Trucks in Austin, Texas

-Learn how to make Chocolate

-Go to Carlo’s Bake Shop
-Attend wine, tea, or rum tasting
-Have a Pina Colada out of a Pineapple
-Order Dessert first at a restaurant
-Drink from a Coconut

-Street Food in a Foreign Country
-Order something you have never had before
-Go to a new restaurant in your town
-Pay for a stranger’s tab at a restaurant
-Pay for a stranger’s cup of coffee
-Cook or order a five-course meal


-Donate more than $1,000 to a good cause
-Buy someone a meal
-Inspire someone
-Donate Blood, Clothes, Toys, or Books
-Help an endangered or injured animal


-Start a Business
-College Degree


-Run a Marathon
-Color Run
-Yoga Classes on the Beach
-Best Shape
-Eat Healthier
-Drink 8 cups of water a day
-Learn to Dance
-Pilates Class
-Goat Yoga

Sports: (Professional or College Level)

-Gymnastics Meet
-Basketball Game
-Baseball Game
-Football Game
-Hockey Game


-Visit all 50 States
-Attend the US Open
-Go on a Disney Cruise
-Dinner on the Beach
-Airboat Across Alligator Infested Waters
-Disney World, Epcot, Universal Studios
New York:
-See the Statue of Liberty
-Times Square
-See a Broadway Play
-Rowboat in Central Park
-Experience Christmas in New York


-Food Trucks in Austin

-River walk in San Antonio

-Beaches in South Padre Island, Corpus Christi


-Listen to Live Music and Rock Music in Nashville


-Mardi Gras in New Orleans
-Stay in a log cabin for a weekend
-Visit Burlington, Vermont
-Take a Picture in front of the Hollywood Sign
-Hug a Red Wood
-Wine Tasting in Napa Valley
-Yosemite National Park
-Petrified Forest
-Lake Tahoe
-Trolly in San Francisco
-Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles
-Melrose Avenue in LA
-Martha’s Vineyard
-Go on the Skydeck in Chicago
-Grand Canyon
-Antelope Canyon
-Horseshoe Bend
-Havasu Falls
-Camelback Mountain
-Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C.
-Hike Arches National Park
-Hike Bryce Canyon
-Hike Zion National Park
-Swim in the Mystic Hot Springs
-20 Magic Mountains
-Witness the gardens and fountain display at the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas


-Black Sand Beaches



-Backpack throughout Europe
-See the Fairy Pools in Scotland
-Explore the Castles in Edinburgh, Scotland
-Hold an owl in Edinburgh
-See the Buckingham Palace in London
-Ride the London Eye
-See London’s Tower Bridge
-Big Ben
-Red Telephone Booth
-Top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
-Visit the Louvre Museum in Paris
-Notre Dame
-Oktoberfest in Munich
-Burg Eltz in Germany
-Try Sangria and Paella in Spain
-Barcelona, Ibiza, and Madrid
-Park Guell
-La Sagrada Familia
-Las Ramblas
-Cliffs of Moher
-Giant’s Causeway
-Pub Crawl in Dublin
-Dark Hedges Trees and Fairy Houses
-Cross the Carrick A. Bridge in Ireland
-Almafi Coast
-Try pasta in Italy
-Gondola Ride in Venice
-Colosseum in Rome
-Trevi Fountain
-Leaning Tower of Pisa
-Natural Hot Springs in Tuscany
-Blue Grotto
-Palio Horse Race in Siena
-Visit Lake Lucerne and Lake Geneva
-Swiss Alps
-Cheese Fondu
-Try Chocolate
-Thermal Bath
-See the Northern Lights in Iceland-

Iceland is home to the infamous Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa, and is a great spot to see the northern lights from September to April. Looking for more things to do in Iceland? Read our Iceland Blog Post!

-Island Hopping
-Blue Lagoon
-Hvar, Split, and Dubvronik
-KRKA National Park
-Visit Anne Frank’s House
-Tulip Field
-Bike Riding
-Ancient Ruins in Athens
-See the Sunset at Oia Greece
-Black Sand Beach

-Cavo Tagoo in Mykonos


-Niagara Falls
-Banff National Park

-CN Tower in Toronto
-Montreal, Canada


-Go on a Caribbean Cruise
-Brewer’s Bay in U.S. Virigin Islands
-Swim with Stingrays in Antigua
-Walk up the Dunns River Falls in Jamaica
-Swim with Sea Turtles and Tropical Fish in Antigua
-Swim with Dolphins in St. Thomas
-Horseback Riding on the Beach
-Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
-See a Coral Reef
-Pink Sand Beach in Bermuda
-Bathsheba Beach in Barbados
-Have a Cigar in Cuba


-Swim with Whale sharks-

Swimming with whale sharks was the ultimate underwater experience. Read my tips for swimming with these gentile giants here.

-Walk behind Kawasan Falls in the Philippines
-Witness incredible temples in Thailand
-Clean an Elephant in Thailand
-Island Hopping


-Hike up a Volcano in Bali (Mount Batur)
-Temples in Bali (Lempuyang Temple)
-Rice Terraces in Bali (Tegallalang Rice Terraces)
-Monkey Sanctuary


-Go scuba diving in the great barrier reef
-Sydney Harbor Bridge
-Feed a Koala Bear


-Visit Machu Picchu
-Red Valley
-Rainbow Mountain
-Inca Trail in Peru
-Maras and Moray

Costa Rica:

-Rio Celeste Waterfall
-Wits Wildlife in the Rainforest


-Taj Mahal
-Holi Festival


-Ride a camel
-See the Western Wall
-Dead Sea
-Tel Aviv
-Negev Desert

New Zealand:

-The Hobbit Houses

-Glowworm Caves


-Celebrate the New Year


-Go to the Galapagos Islands


-Great Wall of China
-Walk of Faith and Heaven’s Gate at Tianmen Mountain in China
-Zhangjiajie National Park in China


-Pyramids of Giza

The best thing to do in Egypt is to visit the great pyramid of Giza because it is the last standing man made wonder of the ancient world. The pyramids are on the western side of the river Nile.

Hong Kong:

-Climb to Tin Tian, Big Buddha


-Terraced Fields in Mu Cang Chai

-Ha Long Bay in Vietnam


-Ancient Ruins of Petra




Jellyfish Lake




-Bathe an Elephant
-Let go of a Floating Lantern


-Go to the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro


-Batu Caves


-Explore the Beaches and dessert


-Underwater Hotel


-Tokyo, Shrines. Karuizawa, Sagano Bamboo Forest


-Cenotes in Cabo, Cancun All Inclusive Resort, Puerto Vallarta, Grutas Tolantongo


Tunnel of Love


-Great Blue Hole


-Rainbow Skywalk


-Marble Caves


-Victoria Falls

Please comment below if YOU have completed any items off of this list or if you would like to get a printed version!!!

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