Top 8 Countries to Visit this Winter

Top 8 Countries to Visit this Winter

We recommend going away somewhere warm with a tropical breeze, palm trees, swimming pools, and a turquoise ocean during the cold, snowy winter. However, if you want to spend the Holiday skiing in New York or see the Northern Lights in Iceland or Alaska, it will also be a great experience. Below are the top 8 countries to visit this winter. 


Mexico makes for a perfect winter getaway location. The warm weather, beautiful beaches, and things to do in Mexico make it a great place to travel. You can go on a luxury relaxing vacation with unlimited drinks and food or an adventurous one to see places, including the cenotes in Cabo or waterfalls in Puerto Vallarta.

A. Cabo-

Did you know the infamous Cabo San Lucas is a resort city on the southern tip of Baja California Sur? The best things to do in Cabo are to watch the sunset, swim in cenotes, relax at the beaches, sail, snorkel, and go whale watching. You can even ride a camel in Cabo!

B. Cancun-

Cancun is the perfect spot to relax at an all-inclusive hotel. Chichen Itza is one of the seven wonders of the world. It is a 2-hour drive from Cancun if you are up for a road trip. You can do all of the underwater activities in Cancun!

C- Puerto Vallarta-

Puerto Vallarta is home to cobblestone streets at Zona Romantica and beautiful beaches. You can even explore Yelapa Beach and Waterfall on a day trip. There is so much to do! Similar Post: 21 Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta. 

2- Spain-

It is funny how some areas of Spain are not as warm as others, but one thing is for sure, the Canary Islands have nice weather.

The Canary Islands-

The Canary Islands in Spain have sunshine throughout the year. Feel free to relax at beaches, including Lanzarote, Tenerife, and Gran Canaria. You will also find quaint villages to explore and underwater activities to partake in, like scuba diving, windsurfing, jet skiing, paddle boarding, sailing, surfing, and kayaking adventures. The Canary Islands feature volcanos, ash fields, and forests and can serve as a hiker’s paradise! You can even go mountain biking if you want. 

3- Kenya-

We recommend visiting Mombasa in Kenya!


Enjoy warm weather in Mombasa this holiday season. Kenyans refer to Mombasa as the definition of happiness. The coastal town has incredible scenery, beautiful beaches, historical sites, and exotic wildlife. 

4- Thailand-

Thailand is a dream location for everyone to see at least once in their life! This destination is at the top of my bucket list. All year round is a pleasant time to visit. Thailand is a cheap place to travel to, as for only $1.00 you can have delicious Pad Thai, and for $5.00 you can sleep in a hostel. Aside from the perfect climate, the nature surrounding the area is beautiful. You’ll find dense jungles, rice fields, crystal-clear beaches, whirling rivers, and incredible wildlife.


Phuket is home to golden beaches and adventurous watersports to try. Read 6 reasons to visit Thailand for inspiration.

5- Colombia-


Medellin has perfect weather year-round. The vibrant city has a lot to offer, home to incredible parks, museums, and plazas. One of the best things to do is go on a day trip to Guatape, a magical town only two hours away. 

6- Antigua-

Antigua is a PERFECT Caribbean adventure to be had this winter. There is SO much to do in Antigua, from swimming with stingrays to sea turtles! Read the top 10 things to do in Antigua and find out the 6 best places to stay to help plan your trip!

7- America

A. Fairbanks, Alaska-

The best spot to see the Northern Lights in America is at Fairbanks in Alaska. 

B. New York-

We recommend spending the holidays in New York City, for the displays will get you in the Christmas spirit, especially at Rockefeller Center. Read the 11 things to do in New York City this Holiday Season!

8- Iceland-

You can see the Northern lights in Iceland and Northern Norway! Read the 10 best things to do in Iceland for inspiration.

Do you have a vacation coming up? We would love to hear more about it! Comment down below where you are heading this winter! 

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