12 Unique Places to Visit Around the World

12 Unique Places to Visit Around the World

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere. The world has many wonders to explore. Below I list 12 unique places to visit around the world and add to your bucket list.

#1- Diamond Beach, Iceland

12 Unique Places to Visit Around the World
Diamond Beach

Diamond beach has giant chunks of ice that sparkle along the black sand. The black sand beach is a fascinating place to visit because it is so photogenic. Unfortunately, you cannot swim in this natural wonder because the tides and currents on the south coast can change quickly and are very strong.

#2- Salt Lakes, Egypt

12 Unique Places to Visit Around the World
Salt Lakes

Salt Lakes is a unique place where you can float perfectly because of the salt. The high percentage of salt and minerals creates mini lakes. The Salt Lakes is in Siwa Oasis, and everyone should visit from around the world because it is so relaxing and healing.

#3- Tracy Arm, Alaska

12 Unique Places to Visit Around the World
Tracy Arm

Tracy Arm is one of the most beautiful places in the world and is home to waterfalls, icebergs, mountains, and clear emerald water. The highlight is the Sawyer Glacier.

#4- Salzburg, Austria

12 Unique Places to Visit Around the World

Salzburg is a cultural, romantic city with plenty of attractions and things to do. The architecture in the historical streets is Baroque and medieval styles. It is a perfect destination for classical-music lovers because you will find jazz clubs showcasing new talent.

#5- Barracuda Lake in Coron, Philippines

Barracuda lake has everything from rock formations to crystal clear waters and marine life. It offers the best diving experience in the world. Don’t forget to bring your snorkel gear!

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#6- Devil’s Den Spring in Florida

12 Unique Places to Visit Around the World

Devil’s Den is an underground spring with a large opening above. You can scuba dive or snorkel the 50-foot-deep sinkhole. It is a magical experience because you can also see ancient fossils and rock formations. 

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#7- Big Sur, California

Big Sur has a 90-mile-long stretch of coastline. The unique place has rugged natural beauty, cliffs, redwood forests, and coastal views. 

#8- White Sands National Park, New Mexico

White Sands National Park
White Sands National Park

There is quite nothing else like the White Sands National Park. The White Sands is a nature lover and photographer wonderland where you can go sledding, horseback riding, biking, driving, or hiking through it.

#9- Havasu Falls, Arizona

Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls, in Grand Canyon, has turquoise-color natural pools and a gorgeous waterfall. It is a magical, beautiful oasis worth seeing. 

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#10- Interlaken, Switzerland

12 unique places to visit around the world
Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken is a beautiful town between the crystal-clear lakes of Thun and Brienz around the mountains. Interlaken has castles to explore and nostalgic trains to ride. There are a lot of outdoor adventures like tandem paragliding, rope park, helicopter skydiving, and canyoning. 

#11- Bruges, Belgium

12 Unique Places to Visit Around the World
Bruges, Belgium

Bruges has medieval charm, cobbled streets, cozy market squares, and photogenic canals. The best place for a panoramic view is at Belfry. If you love tasting local food and drinks, then you need to head to Brugs Beertje, which stocks over 300 Belgian Beers.

#12- Grindelwald, Switzerland

Grindelwald has incredible mountains with numerous lookout points. It is a great location to go during the winter because it is home to the largest ski resort in the Jungfrau region. 

Have you been to any of the 12 unique places that we listed? Please comment down below about your experience!

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