3 Reasons to Visit the Bahamas

3 Reasons to Visit the Bahamas

The Bahamas makes for a perfect beach vacation because it has turquoise-colored crystal-clear water!! The country has 700 islands to explore by boat. Below are three reasons to visit the Bahamas!

Reason #1: Scuba Diving Paradise

3 Reasons to Visit the Bahamas
Photo by Pia on Pexels.com

1- Perfect Spot to Go Scuba Diving- The Bahamas is home to the Andros Barrier Reef. The Andros Barrier Reef is the third largest barrier reef in the world. You’ll find tons of tropical fish, shipwrecks, sting rays, dolphins, and sea turtles. Brave divers can head to Tiger reef and dive with Tiger sharks.

Reason #2: Underwater Caves

2- Underwater Caves- The Bahamas is home to Lucayan National Park. This park preserves the largest underwater cave systems in the world. You can visit Ben’s Cave and Burial Mound Cave on foot.

Reason #3: The Beaches

3- The Beaches- Did you know? The Bahamas is home to more than 2,000 relaxing beaches. The best ones include Cable Beach, Cabbage Beach, Taino Beach, French Leave, and Love Beaches.

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