20 Things to Do in Puerto Rico

20 Things to Do in Puerto Rico

20 Things to Do in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a large Caribbean Island of 3,500 square miles in the West Indies. The island of Puerto Rico is rich in festivals, traditions, art, and music. The art scene is unique and full of history. You will find colorful street murals. Below I talk about my experience in Puerto Rico, fun facts to know before visiting, and I even list 20 things to do in Puerto Rico!

My Experience:

I went to Puerto Rico in the end of June 2021 for my sister Danielle’s Bachelorette party. We had only the best time as we wandered through the streets of Old San Juan, tried the infamous pina coladas, went swimming in the beautiful turquoise beaches, and explored the one and only US tropical rainforest. I will never forget this experience, as it truly was one for the books.

Quick Facts:

  1. The official languages are Spanish and English.
  2. The currency used is the United States dollar
  3. There is no passport needed for United States travelers.
  4. The weather is warm and tropical and varies between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit

Things to Do:

1- Annual Festivals-

There is a festival or celebration almost every weekend. Festivals are colorful and loud. Each festival is rooted in tradition, often Catholic in origin. View the full festival schedule: Annual Festivals and Events in Puerto Rico

2- Local Rum Tasting-

Bacardi, the world’s most-popular rum, has a massive distillery across the bay from Old San Juan. The tours that are available will not only teach you all about the history of the Bacardi family, but you will also learn how to taste rum properly. There is even a cocktail-making class that you can enlist in. The pina coladas was said to be invented in Puerto Rico. I have tried one and believe that they are the best of the best.

3- El Yunque National Forest

El Yunque National Rainforest

El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest in the US and receives 120 inches of rain every-year. At nearly 29,000 acres, it is one of the smallest in size, yet it is one of the most biologically diverse. The park contains a wide variety of hiking trails. We were able to visit Las Playas, which had two natural waterslides. My sister and a few friends were able to slide down the waterslide. I was a bit scared, to be honest because I did not want to hit my head on the rocks. Another place to visit in the rainforest is known as Yokahu Tower, which is a narrow, winding staircase. The view at the top is absolutely worth the huffing and puffing.

4- LED Night Kayak

Paddle through Condado Lagoon at night in a clear-bottom kayak lit up by LED lights. Tour: LED Night Kayak

5- Shop along the streets of Old San Juan-

San Juan is the second oldest European-established capital city in the Americas. Old San Juan, founded by Spanish colonists in 1521, has unique colorful streets. Honestly, I have done little to no research prior to this trip. I was in shock at how incredible this place was. While strolling along, we tried iced coffee and Pina Coladas. I recommend trying all local food and drinks because you can have Starbucks anywhere. Although I am not going to lie, I did have Starbucks a few times while I was in Puerto Rico due to the fact that it was the closest coffee shop to where we were staying. There are gift shops in Old San Juan, so it is the perfect place to buy a souvenir for someone special or yourself.

6- Food Tour in Old San Juan-

Get a taste for the flavor and culture of Puerto Rico with the ‘Sunset Walk & Taste Food Tour’ linked below. You will walk along the cobblestone streets and through the city’s oldest neighborhoods filled with beautiful architecture and try authentic foods like plantains and sofrito.

Read more about Flavors of Old San Juan Food Tour: Old San Juan Sunset Food Tour

7- Sailing at Sunset

Doesn’t it simply sound like a dream to go sailing and watch the sunset on a cruise from San Juan? It is possible to book a tour with complimentary drinks! Read more about the Sailing at Sunset Tour from San Juan: Sunset Sail by San Juan Historical Bay

8- Flamenco Beach on Culebra

This beach is recognized as one of the top 10 beaches in the world. The island has 300 miles of coastline and nearly the same number of beaches. Culebra island is a short ferry ride from mainland Puerto Rico. The beach itself does not offer extra services of overpriced snacks and drinks. It is best to pack a cooler full of drinks and snacks. The trip takes 45 minutes and leaves from Cieba, Puerto Rico. There are no reservations, and it leaves three times daily. The Ferry leaves at 6:00 am, 10:30 am, and 3:00 pm.

9- Ziplining and waterfall rappelling

Campo Rico Ziplining Adventures specializes in organizing tours at beautiful destinations in Puerto Rico. Their excursions include ziplining and rappelling. Campo Rico Ziplining Adventures

10- Snorkeling

Explore the underwater world of Puerto Rico on a guided snorkeling adventure. Book your tour to swim with fish and turtles on Vieques Island here: Snorkeling Tour to Vieques Island

11- Jet Skiing-

The best, most exhilarating way to explore the turquoise waters of Puerto Rico is on a jet ski. Book your thirty minute or an hour rental with a guided tour: Jet ski Rental

12- Arenales Caves and River Adventure-

If you love that adrenaline rush, then the Arenales Caves and River Adventure Tour is for you. This fun tour is a full day surrounded by mountains, water, and nature. You will hike and river trek through beautiful greenish blue pools. The best part is feeling the fresh water upon your face as you jump in the water and float through an underground cave. Read more about the adventure: Arenales Caves, River Trekking and Natural Spring Adventure

13- Bio Bay-

If you have never experienced putting your hand in the water and the water lighting up, then you have to visit the Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico. There are a few places in the world where you can experience this, and Puerto Rico is fortunate to have three different bio bays, including Mosquito Bay, Laguna Grande, and La Parguera. Tours and Tickets: Laguna Grande Bio Bay

14- Horseback Ride on the Beach-

What better way to experience the beautiful, turquoise beaches of Puerto Rico than on a horse? You can either go horseback riding through the rainforest or on a beach. Here are more details about a three hour and thirty-minute tour that you can book: Scenic Horseback-Riding Tour

15- Salsa Dance Class-

Immerse yourself in Puerto Rico’s salsa culture during one of these fun classes: Puerto Rico Dance Lessons

16- ATV Tour in San Juan-

Take the ride of a lifetime on an ATV in Puerto Rico: San Juan ATV Adventure Tour

17- River Trek in the White Canyon of Utuado

Hiking through the white canyon of Utuado makes for a great adventure. According to research, the white rocks are enormous, and the river is truly a joy to visit.

18- Hot Springs-

The Coamo Thermal Springs is another one of those natural wonders that makes Puerto Rico a pretty cool place. Located along a cold river in the town of Coamo, hot water springs naturally from the earth.

19- Cueva Ventana (Window Cave)

Cueva Ventana sits atop a limestone cliff in Arecibo Puerto Rico. This cave is in the town of Arecibo holds one of the most beautiful sights on the island. There is a hike to reach the stunning view.

20- Indian Cave-

The Taino Indian Cave is on the northern Arecibo coast. The cave should definitely be added to your to-do list while visiting. This place is super unique and absolutely stunning.

Puerto Rico is a beautiful place filled with beautiful mountains, hilly terrain, and incredible beaches. It is considered a large Caribbean Island. Puerto Rico’s the Caribbean Sea is seriously something special. Puerto Rico has 143 islands and is a must-see place to add to your bucket list.

Have you been to Puerto Rico? We would love to hear about your experience below in the comment section!

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