10 Things to Do in Switzerland

10 Things to Do in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most breathtaking countries in Europe, as it has a ton of beautiful lakes and mountains to explore.

10 Things to Do in Switzerland

My Experience:

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful, scenic places. I went to Switzerland in September 2019 with my best friend Ariana. We tried the infamous Swiss chocolate, walked along the Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, and witnessed the incredible Swiss Alps. Listed below are interesting facts about Switzerland and 10 things to do in Switzerland!

Fun Facts:

10 Things to Do in Switzerland
  1. Switzerland is one of the two countries to have a square flag. Their flag is a red square with a white cross in the center.
  2. Switzerland has four official and national languages, including German, French, Italian, and Romansch. German accounts for 61% of the population.
  3. The first country to invent a waterproof watch in 1927
  4. 25% of Switzerland’s population is of foreign descent.
  5. Male Swiss citizens have to serve in the Swiss army at the age of 18. Women can opt to volunteer.
  6. Switzerland is a country with the lowest crime rates. Switzerland has 216 policemen on duty per 100,000 people.
  7. Switzerland is one of the world’s great exporters of chocolate. Swiss are chocolate lovers and eat more than any other nation at 11.3 kg per year.
  8. Making small talk in Switzerland is discouraged. It is not a part of the culture to show friendliness or warmth to strangers.
  9. Switzerland has one of the highest costs of living in the entire world.
  10. Switzerland is small. You can cross the country by train in 5 hours.

10 Things to Do in Switzerland:

10 Things to Do in Switzerland
Swiss Alps

1- Visit the Swiss Alps-

 Did you know? Most of the Alps Mountain range falls under the Jurisdiction of Switzerland. The Alps Mountains cover 60% of the country’s total area and 48 mountains are 13,000 ft above the sea in altitude.

Tour to book: Bernia Express Day Tour– This day tour will take you to see the Swiss Alps from Milan.

2- Go Kayaking-

Switzerland is a country of lakes in that it has more than 1,500 of them. Lake Geneva is the largest one. We have been to Lake Zurich as well as Lake Lucerne.

3- Visit the Promenade of Montreux-

Montreux, a town at Lake Geneva, sits at the foot of the Swiss Alps. The promenade trail takes you from Montreux to Chillon Castle on the lake. Chillon Castle is one of the most visited places in Switzerland. The Castle once belonged to the Counts of Savoy from the 12th century to the 16th century.

4- Cross the Chapel Bridge in Lucerne

10 Things to Do in Switzerland

Lucerne is a city in Switzerland known for being home to a medieval wooden footbridge or the Chapel Bridge, built in 1333. The bridge is stunning and one you should not miss. Other things to do in Lucerne are to go shopping for watches and visit the water tower. Don’t forget to go on the Lucerne Walking + Boat Tour.

5- Go Skiing or Hiking at Zermatt + Visit the Zermatt Village-

10 Things to Do in Switzerland

Zermatt is a German-speaking car-free village in Switzerland. The mountains are stunning and a ski trip in Zermatt is well worth it. If you are interested in the history of Zermatt, then a visit to the Matterhorn Museum is for you. You will find cobblestoned streets and old-fashioned alleyways throughout the city.

6- Visit Diablerets Glacier at Gstaad-

Gstaad is also a great place to go skiing, relax at a spa, visit the infamous Diablerets Glacier, or even enjoy your time at a pop-up igloo set up at the luxury hotel Park Gstaad. Glaciers are massive bodies of slowly moving ice. Book your tour to visit Glacier 3000 or Diablerets Glacier here!

7- Visit Castles and Museums in Gruyère

The charming medieval village surrounded by the Pre-alps features fountains as well as cobblestone streets. The four best attractions in Gruyere include visiting the Castle of Gruyere, an art museum entitled H.R. Giger, the Tibet Museum, and La Maison de Gruyere. If you love chocolate be sure to reserve a ticket to attend a workshop at Chocolaterie de Gruyères. The Cheese Market is a free event where you can enjoy the process of how to make cheese. Of course, you can try some cheese while you are there.

8- Go Shopping and Visit Medieval Churches in Zurick

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and is known for contemporary art and shopping on Bahnofstrasse Street. When you are in Zurick, you need to visit the old town or Altstadt, where you will find family-run businesses and four medieval churches. This part of town has the highest concentration of nightclubs. Find Switzerland’s historical artifacts at the Swiss Museum, which looks more like a fairy tale castle than a museum. Other churches to visit in Zurich include the Grossmunster and Fraumunster. These recognizable landmarks are known for their stained-glass windows.

9- Paragliding at Interlaken

Interlaken is gorgeous because it is home to the Bernese Alps and two beautiful lakes: Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. The main shopping area is at Hoheweg, where you’ll also be able to find coffee and chocolate shops.

10- Attend a Festival Event in August-

Go to Zurich, Switzerland during the second week of August if you love electronic music. Every year they hold an event that brings in millions of people. The parade hosts the world’s largest electronic parties on the street!

We listed 10 things to do in Switzerland. Have you been to Switzerland? Please comment down below your experience!

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