How to Spend 6 Days in Punta Cana

How to Spend 6 Days in Punta Cana

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Punta Cana is home to beautiful beaches, palm trees, white sand, and delicious Pina Coladas. Who does not want to spend the day relaxing while feeling the ocean breeze hit your face? Aside from enjoying the BEAUTIFUL turquoise beaches, there are far more activities than you would believe, including exploring waterfalls, meeting the local monkeys at Monkeyland, going on an ATV tour to try coffee and chocolate, zip lining, and diving into cenotes! I went to Punta Cana this past week for a wedding. My boyfriend’s friends got MARRIED! We followed some of this itinerary. Without further ado, let’s dive deeper into how to spend 6 days in Punta Cana!

Where to stay? We stayed at the all-inclusive resort called Margaritaville Island Reserve Cap Cana Hammock Adults Only.  Our stay was perfect as we got to swim in several pools overlooking the ocean.

I am listing activities below that would make for a memorable trip. Of course, I will not include the wedding events I experienced. If you decide to stay where we are staying, we recommend relaxing at the beach or pool as much as possible and going on a few day trips on your fun Punta Cana adventure. 

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If you decide to stay in the same hotel that we picked, check-in is at 3 pm. If you get to Punta Cana early, you can ask for an early check-in time. Take a deep breath, unpack, and settle into your hotel. Put on a bathing suit and grab your first meal and tropical, fruity drink! OMG, you will not regret ordering a margarita or Pina colada on your first fun day in Punta Cana. Spend the day at the pool or beach!


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On day two, yet again, we recommend just relaxing at the all-inclusive resort. What is better than being at the pool or beach on a Caribbean vacation? You can also go on a snorkel tour or a snorkel and parasail tour!

We went on a snorkel tour to swim with NURSE SHARKS and stingrays. We booked ours at the resort. This was one of the coolest experiences of my life. I was SCARED shitless, but they won’t harm you.


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This waterfall tour will take you to 6 of the 27 waterfalls in Damajagua. OMG so cool. I would have LOVED to add this to MY Punta Cana vacation if we were there longer. You will hike up a big mountain reaching a rocky hilltop. Once you get to the top, you will get to jump, swim, and slide off of a series of waterfalls! There are even natural waterslides that you can slide down. Book Your Tour!

Book Your Tour!


Scape Park is packed with activities for the adventurous, from cenotes to swim in, caves to explore, zip lines to ride, and iguanas to feed. You can snag a boat ride or drive an ATV for an additional $40.00 while you are there. There are so many fun activities at the park that you can spend ALL DAY from 9 am to 5 pm there. 

Now that I have been, I enjoyed swimming in a cave that lights up, jumping into the cenote, holding a squirrel monkey, and riding on the hammock zip line.

Punta Cana: Hoy Azul Scape Park Cap Cana Entry Ticket | GetYourGuide


Wake up, have a delicious COFFEE and breakfast, and then head down to the pool or beach. Did you know you can play and feed monkeys in Punta Cana? This is how we recommend spending the afternoon in Punta Cana. The tour guide will pick you up from the resort at 1 pm! You will also enjoy panoramic views of local villages and mountains. Book Your Tour


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Spend your last day at the beach and then head home! If your flight is not until later, book the ATV Tour to Cenotes with chocolate and coffee tasting.

We listed how to spend six days in Punta Cana! We hope that this list helps you!

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