Top 10 Places to Visit in the United States

10 Places to Visit in the United States in 2022

We are here to help you plan your next trip. There are so many beautiful places to see in the United States. Do you want to go to the beach? Skiing? Do not worry. The United States has you covered, as you can find every landscape from a desert to explore in Arizona or Nevada to mountains to hike in Colorado. From beautiful lakes to see and go kayaking on in California to beaches to swim at in Florida. Below are the top 10 places to visit in the United States.

1- Boston

10 Places to Visit in the United States in 2022

Boston has historic charm, world-class art museums, and an excellent restaurant scene. Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States because you will find historical buildings alongside modern skyscrapers all along the city. The city is home to antique shops, beautiful brick homes in trendy neighborhoods, and a few cobblestoned streets. Boston has both breweries and distilleries that you can go and check out for yourself. Two well-known places are the Harpoon Brewery and Bully Boy Distillers. The Museum of Fine Arts and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum are the best to visit.

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2- Florida

Florida is your go-to beach vacation to escape the cold. There are so many things to do in Florida, whether you would like to relax at the pool or beach in the warm weather or go on an airboat tour to see alligators. Not only will you find exhilarating water sporting activities, but you will also be able to try an abundance of delicious restaurants, cafes, and bars. The best places to visit in Florida are Miami and Key West. A trip to Orlando might be for you if you want to go to the natural hot springs or Disney theme parks!

The Everglades National Park is the third largest national park in the US at 2,500 square miles. This national park is an alligator-infested swamp, which is 60 miles wide and is extremely slow moving. What better way to experience the alligators than from up close on an airboat? Read More!

3- New York City

New York City is the city that never sleeps, as no matter what time of day it is, there is something always going on. It is the most populated city in the United States. The list of things to do in the city is endless, as you can visit the Statue of Liberty, see a Broadway play or Comedy Club, stroll along beautiful parks, or visit an art museum.

Landmarks: What better way to be a tourist in NYC than to visit Times Square? The lights, billboards, and shops are timeless. A visit at night makes for an even better experience. Other landmarks to witness are the Flatiron building, Vessels Square, and the 9/11 memorial.

Parks: Central Park, Battery Park, and Bryant Park are my favorite to visit. Battery Park is on the water, where you will see amazing views of the Statue of Liberty. Central Park has relaxing spaces where you can read a book or enjoy a picnic. Bryant Park is a great place to go shopping, as they offer seasonal outdoor markets where you can buy anything from coffee to jewelry!

Museums:  The Metropolitan Museum is my favorite in NYC, as the rooms have incredible oil paintings that will take your breath away.

Restaurants: I could not recommend Stardust Diner enough because you will be waited on by real Broadway Stars. The waitresses are constantly auditioning, but in the meantime, they are doing Karaoke while serving tables at this diner!

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4- Martha’s Vineyard

Marthas Vineyard makes for a great place to vacation, as there are pristine beaches, beautiful sunsets, sailboats, and delicious seafood. There are five lighthouses on the island, as it is known for its rocky shores and dangerous tides. There are 19 beaches in total. My favorite to visit is The Cliffs at Gay Head. There are beautiful gardens and wildflowers all along the island.

5- Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City has everything from entertainment on the boardwalk to water sports activities to enjoy. The beaches are covered with white sand and shimmering water. You can watch the sunrise on the beach. The 2.5-mile boardwalk has a variety of different restaurants, shops, and activities. You can easily grab a slice of pizza, enjoy ice cream, or play miniature golf along ocean views. Two amusement parks have Ferris wheels with great views of the island. You can stay busy and have a lot of fun while you go kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skiing, on a boat, or kiteboarding. A trip to ocean city is for you if you love the beach!

6- Arizona

Arizona has everything from cactuses surrounded by a desert-like landscape to incredible places to visit like the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon.

Hiking: The best hike to go on in Arizona is Camelback Mountain. It is scary. Only go hiking in Arizona if you are not afraid of heights.

Gardens:  The best garden in Arizona is the Desert Botanical Garden near the airport.

Grand Canyon: The Grand Canyon is stunning. The best lookouts are Horseshoe Bend, Mather’s Point, and Ooh Aah Point.

Antelope Canyon: You need to visit the Antelope Canyon. WOW! There are no words to describe the beauty of this natural rock formation! I am in disbelief that places like the Antelope Canyon exist. I am in awe over how incredibly picturesque and magical the canyon truly is. The Antelope Canyon formed throughout millions of years of water erosion.

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7- Utah

10 Places to Visit in the United States in 2022
Bryce Canyon

Utah is another destination to add to your USA bucket list because it is home to Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, the Mystic Hot Springs, Arches National Park, and more incredible places. The views are stunning in Utah and super unique. Every park you visit will be an eye-opening new experience.

Zion- The high cliffs of Zion formed four million years ago through a process where layers of rock were broken, pushed up and on their side, eroded, and cracked. According to research, popular hikes that we did not get to that I would like to see one day include Angel’s Landing, The Narrows, and Weeping Rock.

Bryce Canyon- Bryce Canyon was stunning and unforgettable. Water erosion is responsible for the hoodoos. The rock types are limestone, siltstone, dolomite, and mudstone.

Mystic Hot Springs- The Mystic Hot Springs were mystical and hot at 102 degrees. This spot is peaceful.

Arches National Park- Wow!! What an excellent park that is well maintained. There are tons of different, easy hikes and beautiful landscapes that are marked clearly. I highly recommend walking to the Sand Dune Arch. Other famous hikes to experience include the Double Arch Trail, Landscape Arch, and the Elephant Butte.

8- Las Vegas

10 Places to Visit in the United States in 2022
Wynn Hotel

Vegas is known for its beautiful hotels, incredible nightlife, and casinos. The casinos have fun slot machines and poker tables.

Wynn Hotel- My favorite hotel in Vegas is the Wynn Hotel, as there is so much detail in every corner! The last time I was in Vegas, not only did I gamble and win $5, but my father and I stayed at this hotel. I loved it so much that I had to take my friends to experience the marble floors and intricate detail.

Flamingo Hotel- The second time I arrived in Vegas, my friend Ari and I stayed at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino! The rooms were cozy, as the beds were super comfortable. Sightings of flamingos and the color pink were visible throughout the hotel. They even had real flamingos for display located at the entrance. I promise that every hotel you witness will be a fun, unique experience.

Bellagio Hotel- Be sure to experience the infamous fountain display and beautiful botanic gardens at the Bellagio Hotel. The fountain displays more than 4,500 lights and runs every 15 minutes. The botanical garden changes each season. The themes on display include the Chinese New Year, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. I visited the Chinese New Year Garden in 2017 and the Winter Garden in 2020. Each theme is colorful and decorated with flowers. The flowers have a pleasant, sweet smell to them.

7 Magic Mountains- I highly recommend driving to go and witness the Seven Magic Mountains in Vegas. This destination happens to be 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. This place was on my bucket list. I am so grateful that I was able to accomplish this item. This unique land consists of seven towers of colorful, stacked boulders. They stand about 25 feet high. It is astounding that the towers can balance, as it looks like the boulders are defying gravity.

9- Texas

Austin, Texas

I went on a road trip throughout Texas with my best friend Ariana and her mom Tracie during the summer of 2020. It was an absolute blast, as we saw Austin, San Antonio, and South Padre Island. The most memorable moments in Austin for me were paddle boarding for the first time and when I witnessed the millions of bats that fly at the Ann Richards Congress Avenue Bridge Bats. The food trucks in Austin are delicious. We headed to San Antonio from Austin for a day trip. I enjoyed the San Antonio River Boat Tour that we went on. The last trip we took in Texas was to South Padre Island. Visiting the island was my favorite activity because I always prefer beaches over cities and mountains! Each place was unique.

San Antonio- The San Antonio Riverwalk follows a network of canals through the city. There are shops, restaurants, hotels, and bars to check out along the river. The Riverwalk is a must-see if you are ever in this city. I highly recommend going on a boat tour through it, where you will get to hear about the history of San Antonio from a unique perspective. Another fun activity you can partake in is kayaking or paddle boarding along the river.

Austin- Austin is the capital of the state of Texas and is the 11th largest city in the United States. The food, culture, art, cuisine, and entertainment make Austin one of the top places to visit in the United States. Austin is home to 200 live music venues, tasty taco trucks, and musicians performing all over town. There are 1.5 million Mexican Free-Tailed Bats to see while you are there. They fly out every night at the Congress Avenue Bridge.

10- California-

10 Places to Visit in the United States in 2022

California has the most beautiful weather and breathtaking scenery in the United States. You can visit year-round and feel comfortable.

Lake Tahoe: Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake between California and Nevada. Its depth is 1,645ft making it the second deepest lake in the United States after Crater Lake in Oregon. You can go kayaking, bike riding, camping, and hiking.

LA: Los Angeles is the biggest city in California and is known for its Mediterranean climate. You can do everything in Los Angeles, from going to the beach to walking along Melrose Avenue and getting an Instagram-able picture in front of the pink wall. Hollywood Highland and Center is a great place to go shopping. Get a view of the ‘Hollywood Sign’ at Lake Hollywood Park or head to the Griffith Observatory! Santa Monica is located west of downtown Los Angeles and contains one of the utmost beautiful beaches in the United States. Explore the area by bicycle along the 26-mile bike path, which is the LONGEST beach bike path in the world.

Napa Valley: Napa Valley is home to incredible wineries. Some wineries are inside a castle!

Have you been to any of our top 10 places to visit in the United States? Please comment down below about your experience!!

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