30 Things to Do this Fall

30 Things to Do this Fall

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The days might be getting shorter, and winter might be just around the corner, but autumn is full of pleasantly warm days, crisp air, sunshine, and beautiful landscapes. I created a fun little bucket list! We listed 30 things to do this fall.

#1: Apple Picking

Visiting an apple orchard is a fall bucket list must-do. What tastes better than a freshly picked apple? 

#2: Oktoberfest

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Oktoberfest is an annual fall festival associated with the consumption of beer and traditional German foods. Oktoberfest does take place all around the world. The best place to celebrate Oktoberfest is in Munich, Germany.

#3: Decorate Your Home

Please click on the image above to purchase this wreath!

Decorate your house to get in the Halloween spirit with a fall-themed wreath, as pictured above, or even fall-themed pillowsbat stickers, and hanging ghosts!

#4: Haunted House

There are countless Haunted Houses to go to in the United States. If you want to get scared and in the spirit of Halloween, we recommend going to one or two Haunted Houses this season!

#5: Bake

shallow focus photography of sliced brownies
Photo by Craig Dennis on Pexels.com

There is nothing better than homemade cupcakes, pie, and banana bread! You have to try the Pillsbury banana bread and their pumpkin-flavored cupcakes! Do you need inspiration on what to bake? Read the Southern Living Cookbook for the best recipes to bake for every occasion! 

#6: Pumpkin Picking

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Visit a local farm and go pumpkin picking! After, you can carve or decorate your pumpkins!

#7: Light Scented Candles

Scented Candles

The 20-candle bundle pictured above has scents including Rose, Vanilla, Bergamot, fig, Lavender, Lemon, Spring, Strawberry, and Rosemary.

#8: Host a Spooky Movie Night and Make Popcorn

Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection [DVD]

What better way to get in the spirit of Halloween than to watch scary, spooky movies?! We made a list of our favorite movies for inspiration on Amazon with the link here!

Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Addams Family, Ghostbusters, Matilda, Harry Potter, Nightmare on Elm Street, Edward Scissorhands, Poltergeist

#9: Create a Halloween Playlist

A few spooky songs to add to your Halloween Playlist include Vampire by Olivia Rodrigo, Goo Goo Much by The Cramps, Thriller by Michael Jackson, and Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr. 

#10: Eat a Caramel Apple

Caramel apples are one of my favorite fall treats! I recommend having one this season! There is nothing better than warm caramel on crisp, crunchy apples! 

#11: Paint

Painting is a relaxing hobby to get your mind off anything you are currently stressed about! These 5-packs of canvases are only $6.00 and are a perfect way to get started! We also recommend booking a paint and sip class!

#12: Scrapbook

This scrapbook has 40 pages!

Preserve your special memories for future generations and exercise your creativity by scrapbooking. You can print out your pictures in seconds if you go to CVS or order them online and pick them up later that day! This scrapbook has 16 solid color options and 40 pages to decorate!

#13: Go Trick-or-treating

What better way to celebrate Halloween than Trick-or-treating and collect delicious candy?

#14: Visit a Corn Maze

Depending on which orchard you visit, many also have a corn maze!

#15: Go on a Hayride

A hayride allows the whole family to relax and enjoy the leaves turning colors from a hayride.

#16: Take Family Photos

Fall is a perfect time for family photos because of the beautiful fall colors and crisp air! You will have the best foliage in mid to late October.  

#17: Visit Blaze

Blaze is New York’s Original Halloween event in the Hudson Valley from September 15th to November 19th and Long Island from September 22nd to November 5th! You will experience thousands of hand-carved jack-o lanterns that illuminate the night. The detail on each pumpkin is AMAZING. I love going every year to the event. You can order a blue moon or a hot chocolate before gazing at all the intricately carved pumpkins and admiring the different and fun designs they have created. 

-Blaze Tickets

#18: Go on a Nature Walk

What better way to take in the fall foliage than to go on a nature walk or hike?

#19: Go to a Fair

Nothing excites an empty stomach like the smell of food at the fair, from fried Oreos to roasted corn! Also, who does not love going on a few fun roller coaster rides?

#20: Drink Fancy Coffee

A hot spiced pumpkin latte is completely necessary this time of year!!

#21: Watch Football

There is not much like Sunday Night Football.

#22: Drink Apple Cider

Apple cider is the most delicious drink everyone can enjoy this season. 

#23: Have a Date Night

Have a date night by watching the sunset or staying in and watching scary movies!

#24: Carve or Paint Pumpkins-

Painting pumpkins is a super fun activity. You need a few Acrylic Craft Paints and paintbrushes to get started!

#25: Attend Six Flags for Freight Fest

 What better way to get in the spirit of Halloween than to go to Six Flags for Freight Fest? Six Flags has locations all across the USA. Find a location near you on their website! Freight Fest goes from September 8th to October 31st. The site offers a haunted attractions pass, where you can go to haunted houses, scare zones, and rides in the dark. They also have many events all season, from Oktoberfest Food Festival to Kids Boo Fest, Dead Man’s Party, Unleashed, and Freak Show. You will find SOOOO MANY fun attractions, dance shows, witches and zombies surrounding you, and rides including Nitro, Scare Mountain, and Medusa. GO ON MEDUSA! I love the ride called Medusa and go on it every year. What are you waiting for? Get tickets to FREIGHT FEST now!

#26: Donate to a Charity

As you transition your closet, donate your spring and summer clothes you did not wear this year! 

#27: Make a Fall Wreath

Make a pretty fall wreath and decorate your front porch this season.

#28: Roast S’mores

There is something about sitting around a warm fire in the fall and roasting marshmallows. Be sure to purchase chocolate and graham crackers to enjoy in a DELICIOUS s’mores treat.

#29: Go to a Halloween Party

Halloween parties are always fun to attend! Do not wait to the last minute to get your costume!!

Halloween Costume Ideas:

Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee- Wings and Ears

Dark Angel

Dark Angel- Red Angel Wings

Devil- Devil Ears + Choker

Micky and Minnie -Micky Ears, Minnie Ears, White Gloves

#30: Haunted Hayride

You can also go to a haunted hayride at night, so prepare for chainsaws and creepy clowns!

We shared 30 things to do this fall. Will you add any of these bucket list items to your list of things to do this Fall? Please comment down below.

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30 things to do this fall

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