Top 15 Places to Visit in California

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Top 15 Places to Visit in California

California has a beautiful landscape and natural beauty that you will not forget. California has National Parks to explore, from Joshua Tree to Yosemite, beaches perfect for surfing, wineries to visit in Napa Valley, and beautiful lakes for kayaking at Lake Tahoe. There is so much to see and do in California. Below are the top 15 places to visit in California. This list is to help you decide where to travel next in the beautiful state of California!

1: Lake Tahoe-

The 20-mile-long lake has the clearest water in the world and sits at the bottom of 10,000-foot peaks. Lake Tahoe is the perfect place for kayaking or paddle boarding in the summer and skiing in the winter. The light blue lake is a sight you do not want to miss!

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2: Sacramento-

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Sacramento is the capital city of California. You will find museums, historical sites, and world-class restaurants. Old Sacramento is a MUST-SEE spot because it is a national historic landmark!

3: Yosemite-

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Yosemite sits in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and is home to sequoia trees, a waterfall, cliffs, and breathtaking scenery. At Yosemite village, you will find hotels, shops, and restaurants.

4: San Diego-

San Diego is known for having 70 miles of beautiful beaches. The best beaches are La Jolla and Mission Beach.

6: Malibu-

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Malibu is most famous for its beaches, hiking trails, and luxury hotspots. You will find luxurious beachfront properties. The best beaches are Zuma beach and Point Dume. You can even explore rock formations at El Matador State Beach. The best hiking trail is at Malibu Creek State Park.

7: San Francisco-

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San Francisco is home to trolleys that can take you around the city! You MUST see the Golden Gate Bridge most famous for being in the hit TV series Full House. It is one of the world’s most beautiful bridges.

8: Big Sur:

Big Sur has rugged natural beauty, secluded in a remote location. You can even find natural springs and waterfalls nearby.

9: Napa Valley-

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Who doesn’t want to get TIPSY in NAPA VALLEY and try all of the delicious wines in California Wineries? There is a winery in a medieval castle that you can see for yourself and surrounding the castle you will find massive red wood trees! The winery is called Castello di Amorosa! I LOVED IT.

10: Sequoia National Park-

Sequoia National Park is in the Sierra Mountains and is most known for its natural beauty and sequoia trees!

11: Los Angeles-

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If you ever find yourself in Los Angeles, please read this post! I dive deeper into the best things to do in Los Angeles from visiting the Hollywood sign at Griffith Park to seeing the Walk of Fame in Downtown Los Angeles. We even list strolling along Venice Beach and seeing the sunset from Santa Monica Pier.

12: Santa Barbara-

Santa Barbara is home to Spanish colonial-style buildings, art galleries, beaches, and wineries.

13: Joshua Tree-

joshua trees on a national park
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Joshua Tree National Park is like walking through a desert landscape with rugged rock formations, and you guessed it, Joshua Trees!

14: Catalina Island-

Catalina Island is known for its seafood, wine, and beaches. It is a charming town an hour away from the coast of Southern California.

15: Palm Springs-

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In Palm Springs, you will find hot springs, golf courses, restaurants, and luxury hotels.

Have you ever been to California? Please comment below about your experience!

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