Top 10 Things to Do in Antigua

Top 10 Things to Do in Antigua:

Antigua is home to 365 beaches and offers a diverse experience. Antiqua is beautiful year-round with perfect weather. The best place to watch the sunset is at Galleon Beach!

1. Swim in the Beautiful Beaches- 

The best beaches to visit in Antigua are Honeymoon Cove, Sea Grape Beach, Eden Beach, and Royal Palm Beach. The beaches closest to St. John are Dickenson Bay and Fort James Beach. You can do almost EVERY underwater adventure in Antigua, from snorkeling, fishing, and scuba diving to jet skiing, kitesurfing, parasailing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Jet skiing is SOOOO much fun anywhere you go; however, it is more exciting in Antigua at sunset!!! The crystal-clear WARM water is spectacular, and the views are even better at sunset. Visit Dickenson Bay to go Jet Skiing.

2. Surfing at Half Moon Bay- 

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Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is a beautiful stretch of water outlined by soft white sand. The beach has large waves perfect for surfing and sits against a backdrop of luscious hills and palm trees.

3. Stingray City-

Book your tour to swim with stingrays and explore the island of Antigua! Swimming with stingrays was the ultimate underwater adventure. We were scared shitless, BUT it was worth it. The professional tour guides calmed us down completely. Stingrays are HARMLESS. Stingrays won’t sting you if you feed them or swim with them. You can even hold one, and it won’t hurt you!

4. Climb up to Boggy Peak or Shirley Heights- 

Reach the most elevated point in Antigua at Boggy Peak, which sits at 1,300 feet. It is a great hiking spot with an expansive view of the tropical vegetation below. Shirley Heights is a military complex that sits at 492 feet above sea level and is also a lovely place to go hiking.

5. Shopping at Redcliffe Quay- 

Redcliffe Quay is a cozy district that appeals to art lovers with tons of souvenir stores to go shopping. The colorful buildings are SOOOO cool, and you can buy everything from a coffee to a cocktail or a watch to souvenirs. 

6. Caves- 

Antigua is home to Darby Dave’s cave and Two Foot Bay. The Dark Cave is an interesting one where you will find rare amphipods and blind shrimp.

7. Devil’s Bridge- 

Devil’s Bridge is an arched limestone bridge near Indian Town. You need to visit with caution and be vigilant. Children must go only at a distance for safety reasons. It is difficult to walk across due to the slippery limestone that coats the bridge.

8. Snorkeling with Sea Turtles

Book your adventure to go snorkeling with sea turtles, visit natural rock formations, tropical fish, and shipwrecks! We even saw an octopus!

9. Self-Drive Boat Tour

We recommend this self-drive boat tour! The boat is inflatable! Snorkel gear is provided in the tour.

10. History Tour of the Island

This guided tour will teach you about Antigua’s past and present. You will be driven all over the island and see Devil’s Bridge, Blockhouse, Shirley Heights, Nelson Dockyard, Fig Tree Drive. A waterfront lunch is served and included in the price. Shirley Heights is a military complex sitting 492 feet above sea level. Fig Tree Drive is an art gallery. We recommend also visiting Fort James. Did you know? The Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed at Fort James.

#11: Antigua’s Donkey Sanctuary- 

The Antigua Donkey Sanctuary shelters more than 150 donkeys.

#12: Rent a Plunge Pool at Sheer Rocks

YOU NEED to make a reservation to rent a plunge pool at SHEER ROCKS! The FOOD is delicious, and the desert is EVEN better. We ordered the chocolate lava cake. It melted in my mouth and had ice cream on the side. The best dish to order is the lobster and shrimp ravioli. 

#13: Swim with Pigs

YOU CAN SWIM WITH PIGS! Did I say pigs? YES, I said pigs. You can swim with pigs. My boyfriend did not want to do this adventure; however, I would add it to my itinerary if he did. You can even feed the baby pigs.

Antigua is the perfect place to relax. OKAY, if you do not want to do anything but RELAX, then Antigua is the place to travel. You can enjoy Pina Coladas and relax at the beach or pool ALL day long. Does LIFE get better than that? You can book an hour-long massage too. Have you ever been to Antigua? We would love to hear about your experience.

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