Top 6 Countries to Celebrate the New Year

Top 6 Countries to Celebrate the New Year

New Year’s Eve, celebrated by dancing, eating, drinking, and watching fireworks, is the biggest celebration of the year. It does not matter where you are as long as you are near your family, friends, and loved ones; however, below are the top 6 countries in the world to celebrate the New Year based on my experience and research.

1: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil-

The New Year’s Eve celebration in Brazil brings 2.5 million tourists every year.

-Location-The event occurs at Copacabana beach and is one of the world’s biggest and best parties. There are dozens of restaurants along the beach to make a reservation.
-Fireworks- The spectacular firework show begins at midnight!
-Attire-Brazilians celebrate the New Year dressed in White from head to toe. Wearing white is seen as good luck for the following year. Sometimes they bring a piece of color to the outfit to bring blessings in different aspects of your life. They wear a pop of red for romance, green for health, and yellow for success.

2- United States-

-New York City- Times Square is the focal point of New Year’s activity for more than one hundred years. Tourists and locals crowd around the square to watch the famous ball drop as the night strikes midnight.

-Nashville- If you LOVE country music, visiting Nashville for New Year’s is especially for you! You can listen to live music and watch the incredible fireworks show on the evening of New Year’s Eve.
-Florida- Florida is where my sister is celebrating this year. I will write her full review after she spends the Holidays in Florida!

-Las Vegas- Las Vegas has a fun New Year’s Eve bash to remember. The strip is closed to traffic so everyone to watch the fireworks peacefully.

3- Sydney, Australia-

Did you know? You will find the biggest firework show of all time in Sydney. The New Year lies in the middle of summer in Australia! The weather is perfect. You need to book in advance if you are going to Sydney!

4-Paris France-

Paris has a firework show around midnight at the Eiffel Tower! WOW! Now, that is a sight that you do not want to miss.

5- Ko Phangan, Thailand-

Ko Phangan has a New Year celebration every year on the beach. Travelers and locals dance, paint themselves, and drink buckets of alcohol from dusk until dawn.

6- Edinburgh-

10,000 people attend a two-day celebration that involves a Viking procession, fireworks over the castle, bonfires, concerts, and a carnival.

-Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
-Baja California Sur, Mexico
-The Canary Islands
-Mombasa, Kenya
-Phuket, Thailand
-The Maldives
-Key West, Florida
-Medellin, Colombia

Where are you celebrating the New Year this year?

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