How to Spend Five Days in Aruba

Aruba is your go-to destination for a relaxing beach vacation. Some of the best beaches in Aruba include Baby Beach, Eagle Beach, and Palm Beach. Below is how to spend five days in Aruba!

Where to Stay? Costa Linda on Eagle Beach

My Experience: I loved my trip to Aruba, as my boyfriend and I got to enjoy the beautiful turquoise beaches, go snorkeling with a sea bob, horseback ride through the desert, and enjoy a pina colada by the beach. Aruba was not only a relaxing trip but also super exciting, as we got to go on a banana boat and do super adventurous and adrenaline-filled activities. I loved meeting new people and learning about a new culture. I recommend completing day 2 of the activities that I listed below if you want to learn more about the island. This tour will take you into Arikok National Park and stop at Historical sites. 

Listed below are how to spend five days in Aruba:

Day 1: Relax at the beach

Who does not want to sink your toes in the soft, white sand and enjoy the aqua blue water on the horizon? There are a variety of beaches to choose from. I will list a few beaches to visit to give you some insight and help you decide how you want to spend your first day.

Beaches in Aruba- 

Eagle Beach- Eagle Beach is rated as one of the best in the entire world. The Sandbar is an open-air bar right on Eagle Beach. The bar has live music from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Happy hour is from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Palm Beach- Palm beach is on a boardwalk with high-rise hotels. Bugaloe Beach Bar is near the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort and Casino. This bar serves a rich choice of cocktails on the rocks and frozen cocktails.

Boca Catalina– This white sandy beach is on the northwest coast of Aruba. Boca Catalina is a two-minute walk to Tres Trapi!

Tres Trapi– Tres Trapi is more of a cove and is also known as Turtle Beach, as sea turtles are spotted easily in the area. Tres Trapi is one of the most photogenic snorkeling spots on the island!

Mangel Halto– Mangel Halto is a secluded beach located on the southeast coast of Aruba, where you will find excellent snorkeling areas and even a shipwreck. Mangel Halto is where you can book a glass-bottom boat and kayak tour here.

Baby Beach- The Baby beach is a super relaxing place in that there are little to no waves and you can go snorkeling near quite a few fish.

Ridger’s Beach– Ridger’s beach is located minutes away from Baby Beach on the island’s eastern tip.

Andicuri Beach– This beach has huge waves as well as strong currents. This white sand beach is perfect for kitesurfing!

Arashi– This beach features calm, shallow waters with rich Caribbean underwater life. This beach tends to get a little rocky on the north side.

Day 2: Natural Pool + Indian Cave Jeep Tour

How to Spend Five Days in Aruba

The Natural Pool Safari tour will take you down the rugged roads of the beautiful island. 

How to Spend Five Days in Aruba

This tour takes you to beautiful historical sites in Aruba listed below:

  • Arikok National Park- In this national park, you’ll find the infamous natural pool, Indian Caves, and rugged terrain surrounded by cactuses. The park also has natural sites including rock formations and Dos playas beach.
  • Dos Playa Beach- Dos Playa Beach is a gorgeous place.
  • Indian Caves- The tour that I listed above will also take you to the three Indian Caves in Aruba. The Fontein Cave is the most popular, as it has drawings of Arawak Indians on the ceilings. The Quadirikiri Cave is famous for its large bat population.
How to Spend Five Days in Aruba
  • Natural Pool at ‘Conchi- Conchi is a unique natural pool inside Arikok National Park. The natural pool has rugged terrain around it. Snacks and drinks are for sale at the top of the stairs. The stairs lead down to the pool. 

Day 3: Snorkeling/ Scuba Diving + Horseback Riding

Sea Bob Snorkeling

Tour 1: Sea bob Snorkeling- Aruba is one of the best islands to go snorkeling or scuba diving. Exploring the Caribbean Sea’s crystal-clear waters and diverse marine life is an experience that you will never forget. On this tour, we witnessed a wild sea turtle and a shipwreck!

Tour 2: Horseback Riding- This tour takes you on a ride along the northern coast past secluded beaches to hidden gems that you can only reach by horseback. If you have time, get there early and go to the Ostrich Farm. It is located right next to this tour.

Day 4: Palm Island

Palm Island is a perfect place to relax for the day in that it includes all-inclusive drinks and food. There are watersports like snorkeling and banana boating included in the day trip. You can also relax by the beach or go to take a picture with flamingos on the beach. Lastly, there are also waterslides that you can go on. They are super fun and exhilarating. Palm Island is an experience that you do not want to miss.

Day 5: Beach Day round 2!

Baby Beach

I recommend spending this beach day at Baby Beach! There are no waves, and tropical fish near the dark areas, which are mini coral reefs. Bring your snorkel gear and underwater camera.

We recommend getting dinner and going shopping at Oranjestad later in the day.

I loved my vacation and would go to Aruba again in a heartbeat. We listed how to spend five days in Aruba. Have you ever been to Aruba? Please comment down below about your experience.

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