20 Things to Do in Amsterdam, Netherlands

20 Things to Do in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is in Western Netherlands in the province of North Holland. Amsterdam has historical attractions, canals, beautiful houses, breathtaking architecture, and coffee shops. Below are 20 things to do in Amsterdam!

Fun Facts:

  • Amsterdam has over 1,200 bridges
  • One-third of the Netherlands is under sea level
  • The cities canals are full of bicycles
  • Amsterdam was built on eleven million poles

Things to Do:


20 Things to Do in Amsterdam, Netherlands

1- Bike Tour

Don’t forget to book this bike tour that will take you through Vondelkirk, which is similar to the central park of New York. They will stop at other landmarks, including the Anne Frank House!

2- Canal Cruise Tour

Relax on this canal cruise as you feel the breeze hit your face, enjoy an open bar, and see some of the best sites of Amsterdam all on a sailboat.

3- Keukenhof’s Tulip Gardens-

This Tulip and Windmill Tour will take you to experience Dutch nature and culture. You will stop at a cheese farm to try Gouda cheese, explore historic windmills, and visit Keukenhof’s Tulip Gardens. Entrance fees are all included in the tour fee.


4- Rijksmuseum-

Rijksmuseum is a national museum that has Dutch arts and history. It tells the story of the Netherlands from Middle Ages to the 20th century.

5- Jewish Quarter

There are three museums in the Jewish Quarter where you can learn about the history of the Jewish people in Amsterdam: The Jewish Historical Museum, the Portuguese Synagogue, and the National Holocaust Museum. All three museums can be visited with one ticket.

6. Van Gogh Museum

This museum features Van Gogh’s art collection of paintings and drawings. Purchase your tickets online here!

7. Anne Frank House

Visit the Anne Frank House for the most up-to-date information on Anne Frank and her life back during World War 2. She was a writer who told her story of what happened to the Jews of Amsterdam.

8. Moco Museum

This museum features modern, contemporary, and street art.

9. Street Arts at NDSM

Visit the largest street art museum in the world featuring graffiti and murals.

10. Attic Church

Jan Hartmann was a devoted Catholic who converted his attic to a church in 1663. The church was made into a museum, where you will also find a cafe and shop.

Views/ Landmarks:

11- Blue Amsterdam-

Blue Amsterdam is at a futuristic glass tower where you can visit various shops, restaurants, and cafes. Blue Amsterdam has a beautiful 360-degree view.

12- Red Light District:

The red-light district is the oldest area of the city. The Dutch architecture is beautiful. This area is not for kids because there are strip clubs and sex shops nearby.

13- Dam Square

Dam Square was created in the 13th century when a dam was built to prevent the Zuiderzee sea from flooding the city.

14- Beginhof-

Beginhof has historical buildings and two churches to explore known as the Catholic Houten Huys and the English Reformed Church.

15- De Pijp and Jordaan-

These vibrant districts have coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and stores to visit. The lively neighborhoods are charming. Don’t forget to go to the Albert Cuyp market while you are there.

16- Gingerbread Houses-

The Gingerbread Houses are an iconic view of Amsterdam because these homes look like baked gingerbread houses that you make during Christmas time.

17- Smallest House-

This home is not only the smallest house in Amsterdam, but also a tea shop. It is 6 feet and 8 inches wide and 16 feet and 5 inches deep.

18- Munttroren

Munttroren, a historic tower, is a major landmark of Amsterdam. The building was constructed in 1480 and is at Muntplein Square, where the river and canal meet.


19- Vondelpark-

Vondelpark is the largest park in Amsterdam covering 120 acres. The park has 10 million visitors per year. The park is near the Van Gogh Museum.


20- Shopping

The Nine Street and Bloemenmarkt are the best areas to go shopping in Amsterdam.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? We listed 20 things to do in Amsterdam. Please comment down below about your experience.

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20 Things to Do in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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