12 Things to Do in Philadelphia

12 Things to Do in Philadelphia

12 Things to Do in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and one of the oldest cities in the nation. This city is significant in the history of the United States, as it is home to famous, free historic attractions and things to do. I highly recommend visiting and taking a fun weekend trip to Philadelphia. I will list the best things to do in Philadelphia below. I am very grateful that I was able to visit this charming, old city a handful of times throughout my life in that I only live two hours away. We listed 12 things to do in Philadelphia.

#1: Independence Hall –

12 Things to Do in Philadelphia

This monument was completed in 1753 and is the building where the United States Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were both debated and adopted. In 1776, the Second Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence. There is a security screening area before entering. Free tours begin every fifteen minutes. We had time to go to the Independence Hall, but since we went in January, we were too cold to wait in line for the tour.
Address: 520 Chestnut Street
Hours: 9 am- 5 pm

#2: Liberty Bell –

This place remains significant for its message of liberty. Civil rights leaders have used the bell as their symbol in the fight for equality. The Liberty Bell Center is located at 526 Market Street and is open from 9 am to 5 pm. No tickets are required, and entrance is on a first-come, first-served basis.

#3: The Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul-

This beautiful Cathedral was opened in 1864 and is the largest Catholic Church in Pennsylvania. Address: 18th Street & Benjamin Franklin Parkway

#4: Reading Terminal Market-

This unique market is open from 8 am to 6 pm. This place has been running since 1893. Visitors have a wide variety of cuisines to select out of by local family-run businesses. Options are broad in that you can decide to have a delicious authentic Philly cheesesteak to fresh homemade donuts and desserts.

Address: 51 N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA

#5: Magical Gardens-

This museum is an indoor, outdoor art gallery known for Isaiah Zagar’s mosaic art. This unique museum is located at 1020 South Street and is open from 11 am to 6 pm every day except Tuesday. 

#6: Franklin Square Park

Franklin Square Park is home to a 100-year-old fountain. Surrounding the park is the infamous Parx Liberty Carousel, a mini-golf course, and Square Burger. The park is open from 10 am to 8 pm and is at 200 North 6th Street.

#7: Elfreth’s Alley-

This historic street dates back to 1703 and has 32 houses along it. You can visit this museum and learn about the history of the alley built at 126 Elfreths Aly, Philadelphia, PA 19106.

#8: Dream Garden Glass Mosaic-

The art at the dream garden glass mosaic is in an office building at 601 Walnut Street #45. The garden is a breathtaking mural composed of hundreds of thousands of irreplaceable glass tesserae in more than 260 color tones.

#9: Benjamin Franklin Bridge-

This bridge was the longest steel-wire suspension bridge in the world when it opened in 1926.

#10: Edgar Allen Poe Historic Site-

Edgar Allan Poe was an American writer known for his tales of mystery and romance. He was considered the inventor of the detective-fiction genre. Address: 532 N 7th Street Hours: Friday-Sunday 9 am-12 pm.

#11: Philadelphia Art Museum

This museum is located at 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway and is known for its 240,000 historical art pieces. Buy tickets and view the hours that they are currently open here.

#12: Eastern State Penitentiary

This former prison will reopen on March 12th. Sign up for a tour or a virtual tour where you can learn more about the history of this haunted prison here.

Have you ever been to Philadelphia? We listed 12 things to do in Philadelphia. Please comment down below about your experience!

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