5 Tips for to Prepare you for Visiting Barcelona

Bucket List #42: Stay in a Hostel ((I stayed at a hostel in Barcelona, Spain))

5 Tips for to Prepare you for Visiting Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful city with incredible architecture, monuments, and culture. The city is located along the Mediterranean Sea, has fine dining, and is like wandering through a dream. We list 5 tips to prepare you for visiting Barcelona. These tips and information will improve your stay in Barcelona.

My Experience:


I visited my friend, Stephanie Palmentiero, who was studying abroad in April 2016. For most of the trip, we stayed at her apartment in Madrid; however, we spontaneously decided to fly out to Barcelona and Ibiza and explore more of Spain. I am so glad that we did! Barcelona was a magical place that I will never forget.

Tip #1: Avoid waiting forever to buy tickets to Sagrada Familia!

The Sagrada Familia has an incredible architecture. We didn’t end up going inside and experiencing the building with a tour guide. I would have loved to, but the line was too long, and we would have been waiting hours! We should have bought our tickets online, which is what I am advising you to do. Purchase your tickets by clicking on the ticket section on their website.


Tip #2: Watch your belongings!

Barcelona is known as the city of theft, and I know this first-hand. My co-worker’s son experienced theft on the first day of visiting Barcelona. His entire wallet was stolen in the elevator. Thank God that his passport was not in his wallet. Thieves are professional in Barcelona. Take precaution and extra care for your belongings, in a crowded area, on a beach, or on public transportation.

Tip #3: Avoid the Crowds.

You might ask, how is this possible? You can visit places in Barcelona that are not so crowded, including El Born, Poblenou, Raval, Gracia, and Montjuic. All of these places are worth it!

Tip #4: Write down your itinerary and must-see places to visit prior to your trip

 I recommend still visiting crowded areas within Barcelona because the city has famous buildings and architecture created by Gaudi. Visit La Boqueria, Las Rambles, Sagrada Familia, and Parc Gaudi. Go to La Boqueria in the morning so that there are no huge crowds.


Tip #5: Additional information that you will need to know!

    • Time Zone: CET (GMT + 1)
    • Currency: Euro
    • International Dialing Code: +34
    • Electricity: 220 Volt AC, 50Hz
    • Outwitting the ATMs: *SPANISH BANKS RIPPED TOURISTS OFF* They are known for conning thousands of pounds by tricking tourists into accepting an unfavorable exchange rate. Always ask to be charged in euros. 

We listed 5 Tips for to Prepare you for Visiting Barcelona. Have you been to Barcelona? Please comment down below about your experience.

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