Six Broadway Plays to See in New York City

Bucket List #64: See a Broadway Play/ Musical ((Went to 10 Broadway Plays in New York City)

Six Broadway Plays to See in New York City

There is nothing like attending a Broadway Play in New York City. Listed below are six Broadway Plays to see in New York City.

My Experience:

I am in love with attending Broadway plays. I am in awe of the talented performers and am SUPER excited about the excellent deals I receive. My dad and I LOVE seeing shows in NYC, as it is our favorite way to spend time together. Throughout my life, I have seen Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, Beautiful, Hairspray, The Lion King, Matilda, Waitress, Finding Neverland, Mama Mia, Wicked, Book of Mormon, Chicago, Anastasia, and The Phantom of the Opera! Listed below is my review of six plays that I have attended.


  1. GET RUSH TICKETS! You DO NOT have to be a student to get half-price rush tickets. Go to ANY box-office at 10 am for a show playing the same day, and you are guaranteed an excellent seat for a low price. 
  2. Arrive at the Box-Office at 10 am
  3. Spend the day in the city
  4. Arrive on time for the play!!!

#1: Waitress


  • My Experience: I was SOOO thankful that my father and I got tickets to see Sara Barailles and Jason Mraz’s last performance together in Waitress. Sara Barailles composed ALL of the music for this hit Broadway musical. She also is a famous pop artist for her music called Gravity, Brave, and The King of Anything. My favorite song in the play she wrote is She Used to Be Mine. This song reminds me of myself, as I am forgetful, kind, and tend to lie sometimes.
  • My Review: The show was comedic, sad, and beautiful. I recommend it to anyone looking to see a musical with a great storyline.
  • Fun Fact: We waited in line for 3 hours to get half price tickets in the freezing, cold rain!
  • Brief Summary: The story is about a small southern girl who works in a pie shop and is involved in an impossible marriage.  
  • Address: 256 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036
  • Favorite Song: She Used to Be Mine:

#2: Wicked71IgKJlG0BL._SL1500_.jpg

  • My Review: This musical takes the cake as the best broadway play I have ever seen due to the fact that the performance leaves you begging for more and is incredibly well-written. I will never forget watching Defying Gravity by the characters Glinda and Elphaba. I was mesmerized by the sound of their ability to reach those high notes.
  • Brief Summary:  This tale about friendship and trust shows that their are two sides to every story. Wicked is a prequel to The Wizard of Oz and is about the life of Elphaba, who was a sweet girl growing up; however, the disapproval of society turns her wicked.
  • Address: 222 West 51st Street
  • Favorite Song from the Musical: Defying Gravity  

#3: Beautiful- The Carol King Musical 400x300-beautiful-brwd.jpg

  • My Experience: Beautiful was BRILLIANTLY cast, as the actors and actresses were believable.
  • Brief Summary: Beautiful is an inspiring story of Carole King, as she is finding her way within the music industry. The play portrays the process from her life as a teenage songwriter to a rock and roll hall of fame star.
  • Address: 124 W 43rd St

#4: Miss Saigon 

  • My Experience: I went with my father and sisters to see Miss Saigon. We enjoyed our white wine and half-price tickets. I will never forget the actress who played Kim because her voice was undeniably delightful. The play was a tragic love story.
  • My Review:  Miss Saigon’s plot has nonstop adrenaline and sweeping emotions. In my opinion, the story is WAY more relevant and heartbreaking today than when it premiered on in 1991. AMAZING.
  • Brief Summary: Miss Saigon is a tragic love story portraying an Asian woman, Kim, who was betrayed by her American lover, Chris.                    
  • Address: 1681 Broadway, New York, NY 10019

#5: The Phantom of the Opera 51y5rjLa3ML.jpg

  • My Review:  WOW, ICONIC! The Phantom of the Opera was there most thrilling show on Broadway I have ever seen, from the stunning effects to the incredible production design. The talented actors and actresses were entertaining, had exceptional voices, and their costumes were breathtaking.
  • Brief Summary: The play is about a bitter man deformed since birth and lives in the Paris Opera House. He falls for Christine, who he privately tutors. He terrorizes the Opera house, demanding her to land lead roles.
  •  Address: 247 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036
  •  Favorite Song: Think of Me:

#6: The Book of Mormon hero_49426.png

  • Fun Fact: The Book of Mormon was created by the creator of South Park.
  • My Experience: Last minute, my best friend from high school, Brittany Cohan, invited me to the play, as her brother did not want to go. I am so thankful for the excellent seats.                        
  •  My Review: Personally, this was not my favorite play because of the offensive material. The material depicted African Americans as ignorant buffoons with no understanding of modernity. The length of the play was quite long, and I was wearing out.                                      
  • Brief Summary: The musical is a comedy about two young Mormon missionaries who travel to Africa to preach this religion. The play mocks various Mormon beliefs and practices.

Have you ever seen any of these Broadway Plays? Please comment down below about your experience!

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